How Often Should I Be Seeing My Doctor?

Many people don’t schedule visits to their doctor on a regular basis. If they’re feeling well, they could let years go by without a visit to the doctor. You may be curious to know, “how often should I be seeing my doctor?” Here are some things to think about:

Often, if you have a condition

If you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition that needs monitoring and treatment, it’s important to touch base with your medical provider about how often you should be getting checkups to ensure you’re doing well.

Some conditions call for frequent visits to monitor any type of changes, especially illnesses like cancer or tumors. However, other illnesses may not necessarily be life-threatening at the moment but could end up serious if you don’t manage them well. This is when frequent visits with your doctor can help you take care of yourself as you manage your sickness.

Consider your symptoms

If you’ve been experiencing odd symptoms from twitching to shaky hands, you could be asking yourself “what are tremors?” and “what is causing this?” If you’ve been experiencing any unique symptoms that aren’t normal or have no explanation, you may want to schedule a doctor visit sooner than you had planned. Minor headaches or occasional stomach issues could be simple things that are a result of a lack of sleep or something in your diet.

But migraines or continuous stomach issues may be a sign of something more serious, so don’t ignore your body and get checked, if only for your peace of mind.

If you feel relatively healthy, every few years

If you’re someone who is healthy, you don’t need to worry too much about visiting a doctor on a regular basis. It’s typically suggested to visit the doctor every few years for people under 50. If you’re over 50, yearly checkups could be a good idea.

Ideally, you should get health insurance so that you can save money on your medical visits and bills. If you do get diagnosed with a condition, health insurance will help to make it easier to get treatment. 

Also, think about your family history

Something else to consider about doctor visits is your family history. While many things like mammograms or colon cancer screening aren’t typically suggested until you get up there in years, it’s important to consider any health conditions that your family has had, that could put you at higher risk of developing these same health issues.

If you don’t have symptoms, once a year may be perfectly fine for getting checkups for known family medical conditions, for your peace of mind, and for your safety.

Consider if you needed a follow-up visit

If your last yearly checkup resulted in some health concerns coming up, you may need to consider visiting your doctor before a year passes. For example, if you’re pre-diabetic, your medical provider may have suggested some lifestyle recommendations to help you reverse the effects that certain habits have had on your life that have you dealing with the symptoms of pre-diabetes.

If your doctor recommended treatment or lifestyle changes, more than likely, they’re going to want to see you in some months to see how you’re doing and if the treatment or habit changes have helped to reverse or stall an illness from advancing.

visiting your doctor

In Conclusion

How often you visit a medical provider depends on a lot of things, such as your medical conditions or your family history. If you feel relatively healthy, then you probably don’t need to visit your doctor more than once a year or every few years.

However, it’s important to pay attention to any kind of symptoms that you may experience so that you can get health support if needed and treat any condition before it progresses.


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