Health Benefits of Mulethi and How to Use It

A great thing for health is mulethi, but do you know the right way to consume. Eating more fried, spicy food causes stomach ulcers to suffer. In this way, the root powder of mulethi is used to use it with water.

Sweet mulethi (liquorice) in taste is rich in properties of calcium, glyceric acid, anti-oxidant, antibiotic, protein, and fat. It has been used for the treatment of eye disease, oral disease, throat disease, abdominal disease, respiratory disorders, heart disease, wounds. It helps in reducing heart and respiratory problems. Here you will know about the best benefits of mulethi that it brings.

Heart Care

At present, people are increasingly suffering from heart-related diseases. It helps better blood flow in the body. Also, it helps control cholesterol levels and keeps the heart healthy. It is a prevention of heart attack too.

Control weight gain

Having a large number of nutrients in the mulethi helps in weight loss by reducing the extra fat deposited in the body. Those who are troubled by their increased weight should include mulethi in their diet.

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Relief from coughing

For people who have dry cough problems, it is very beneficial to use mulethi. For this, grinding 2-4 black pepper with 1 mulethi and using the prepared powder will soon relieve dry cough. In addition, you can also boil it in water and drink it. It will also help in relieving the problem of sore throat, pain, irritation, etc.

Relieve stomach ulcers

Eating more fried, spicy food causes stomach ulcers to suffer. In this way, the root powder of mulethi is used to use it with water. It helps in healing the wounds of the stomach ulcer by eliminating acidity, dyspence in the body.

Improve the digestive system

Any disease begins with stomach upset. If the digestive system is weak, the body will not be able to grow better. The use of mulethi helps in relieving stomach problems such as gas, bloating, indigestion, vomiting, constipation, etc. To use it, add a cup of muethi powder in warm water and boil. After boiling, cool the mixture lightly and filter with the help of a strainer.

(Disclaimer: Be sure to Consult Doctors before Taking any measure)

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