5 Things You Can Eat with Yogurt and Keep Diseases Away

To keep the diseases away, mix these things in yogurt, and use these things. Yogurt is used in every household. But do you know that curd contains a variety of nutrients that benefit the body from eating?

Yogurt contains calcium, protein, and vitamin. Yogurt benefits are more than milk. However, people prefer to eat sugar or salt in it. But by mixing some other things, food relieves many diseases. So, let’s tell you today what things should be eaten by mixing yogurt.

Sugar and Dry Fruits

Thin people should mix sugar and dry fruits in 1 bowl of yogurt daily to get the right weight. This also helps in eliminating fatigue and weakness as well as gaining weight.


People who face difficulties in getting good and deep sleep. They should be consumed in 1 bowl of curd by mixing 1/2 tsp fennel seeds. It also relieves the discomfort of gas and irritation with good sleep.

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Roasted cumin seeds and black salt

In the case of digestive problems, 1 bowl of curd should be added to taste by mixing black salt and 2-3 pinch of roasted cumin seeds. This will also help in increasing appetite with increased digestion.

Plantain and its fruit

Bananas contain many nutrients like vitamins, calcium, iron, etc. In such cases, it is believed that curd mixing with banana is good for health when there is a stomach problem. The food keeps blood pressure under control.

A medicinal plant Plantago ovata and its laxative seed

If someone has loose motion, it is very beneficial to eat yogurt. It reduces cholesterol by keeping the stomach right.

(Note: Be sure to consult doctors before adopting any measures)

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