Is Garmin Watch Worth it for Cycling?

Cyclist life is much more different than one of an ordinary man, and the needs and the specs they might expect from their daily items will always depend on what they are doing. It is literally cycling. A cyclist needs to have tracking systems, GPS functions, and navigation options in whatever item they use, and they are expecting it to include in a watch as well.

So as the best option for a cyclist, the Garmin cycling watch is coming to save them, and there are so many functions and features included in these watches to ease up their whole journey. These are not only limited to one watch. There are many. If you have used these Garmin watches, you may know how they include the features that fit with the outdoor activities, and we made these suggestions to ease your selection without making it harder for a cyclist.

So let’s see what Garmin Cycling watch is best for you, and here we have filtered some of them to make your adventure more useful.

Instinct 2

Instinct 2 comes with the widest variety of modes as a watch that suits the cyclists, and it is way more suitable for this journey because of its long-lasting battery. The cycling modes in this watch are not limited to a few, and there is a total of 10 of them. If we specify them one by one, there are cycling modes for road, mountain, gravel, bike touring, indoor, eBiking, bike commuting, eMountain, Cyclocross, and regular biking.

It is not so long after this watch was released because it has just launched in February 2022. It had a previous instinct model, so this Instinct 2 is considered to be an upgraded model for its previous one. We can call this watch a basic sports watch that will suit your cycling journey. Instinct 2 has two sizes to choose from, and it also comes with ABC sensors, biometric features, and, most importantly, the best battery life.

Garmin Fenix 6

Our top pick for the best cycling Garmin watch is the Fenix 6, and although it seems way too expensive, it has so many major aspects to make your journey more useful. This watch is very comfortable for any user and comes with the most important features for a cyclist. It’s cycling-specific modes. So most of the bikers in the world will prefer to use this watch to ease their journey to the top.

Fenix 6 has the most durable qualities, and it comes with the best sensors as well. Whatever the size you want, this watch will give you the option to choose them, and its battery life is the most impressive thing here for a cyclist. This watch’s battery can last more than nine days because it uses solar power. Triathlon, Biking, Mountain biking, and Indoor biking are the modes you can use this watch.

Fenix 7 – Solar Edition

This is a new product released by Garmin in this year 2022 with so many features packed into a single product. It is considered the first-ever multi-sport and the ruggedized watch introduced to the market, and this one is not like the Fenix 6. This watch comes with a touch screen.

Since this is a solar edition, its battery will last over 14 days, and if you decide to use its sports modes and the GPS, this battery life can be changed. This watch has three different sizes, so it makes the users select a product based on their needs. There are two versions of Fenix 7. The first one is the less expensive category, and any cyclist can buy it without solar. The more pensive one will come with the sapphire lens. Four biking modes become very useful for a cyclist here: Indoor Biking, Triathlon, Mountain Biking, and Biking. Same as the Fenix 6.

Venu 2

Venu 2 is our next pick for the Garmin cyclist watch list, and this one is a stylish watch. It has the very best features that make it user-friendly for any user, and those are adjusted specially to be best for cyclists. This watch has three sizes, so no matter how big your wrist is, it has choices to select. Venu 2 has all the features you are looking for in a Garmin watch with great sensors, and it can also monitor your heart rate the blood oxygen levels. It comes with ABC sensors too.

Although Garmin Venu 2 is somewhat expensive, it has this AMOLED screen that makes you see everything even in daylight, and needless to say, it comes with good battery life too.

Forerunner 745

And for the last pick for our best Garmin cyclist watches, we choose the Forerunner 745. If you use it regularly, it can last for over 7 days with its battery, and it has these mountain trail biking, indoor biking, and biking modes to choose from. This is an updated version for the Forerunner 735 with many improved functions and ABC sensors and GPS settings to make your journey way more possible.

Forerunner 745 doesn’t have offline maps on it, but it is considered a very good sports watch. So it will be the very best option for the cyclists as well. It is capable of giving you all the details while you are on your cycling journey to the adventure.


So that is it. If someone asks you to pick up the best Garmin watch to try with their cycling, now you have the five best options to give them, and we can guarantee that these are the best options you can have. Every watch we have included in this Garmin watch list has all the features that can aid a cycler journey, and if you ever wanted to try the best watch to aid your adventure, here are your best options.

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