Do You Like Someone? 10 Ways to Get Attention

You like someone but he/she still doesn’t understand it. It happens even after many attempts, the person of choice is not looking at you. Because of this, many people become disappointed, they break their hearts.

A report by Boldsky, India’s lifestyle and health website, suggests something that can help you. Let’s take a look at them:

Make a change in fashion

One of the best ways to get the person of choice to attention is to bring about a change in fashion. Take care of yourself and make changes from hairstyle to dress. Make your own clothes in keeping with the color of the person you like. Notice which color of your crush you like.

Build friendship

Build a friendly relationship with the person you like. Talk a little at the beginning. Strengthen the bond slowly. Friendship is the strong foundation of the relationship. And through this you will also know about him.

Praise the work

Who don’t love to get praise. Praise the work of the person on whom he has eaten the crush. But let it be pure. Wrong praise can be counterproductive.

Be responsible for work

Be focused on your work and career. This will get the attention of the person you like. He will understand that you give priority to life and are determined to fulfill your dreams. This will increase his attention to you.

Be the preferred partner

Learn about the favorites and hobbies of the person you like. Suppose your crush likes to play football, take part in the game with him. If you don’t have an expert in that, that man will teach you. This is how he will know about you and start feeling good to you.

Don’t be reckless

You want to catch the eye of the crush, okay. This does not mean behaving recklessly in front of him. This will annoy him with you and you will also lose the opportunity to get his mind.

Take care

Take care of the person you like. Try to get close. Everyone likes caring people. Be by his side in times of bad times. This will strengthen your bond with him.

Love yourself

How do you love others if you don’t like yourself? If you really want to catch the eye of the crush, live a lively life. Love yourself. May your look be filled with life. You will see that he will look at you.

Help and get help

Believe it or not, help is an important way to get attention. If the person of choice needs help in a particular work, try to do your best. Try to solve his problem. Similarly, if you need any help from him, feel free to say so. This is how the two can come close.

Spend time with him or her

Try to spend time with the person you like. You can have a meal together, sit side by side and work. You can also go to the movies or walk together for a long time. People come close when they spend a long time together. This strengthens the bond.

Anyway, if you see that you don’t have an eye after all this, don’t be disappointed. Trust yourself and build confidence.


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