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5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Bonus Room

Room Design

A bonus room is an enclosed space in a home that doesn’t serve a functional need from the get-go. Unlike a bedroom or a kitchen, it is not built for a specific purpose. Instead, it remains an additional space that may even often lack basic fixtures such as windows. But the room’s enclosed space does […]

Do You Like Someone? 10 Ways to Get Attention


You like someone but he/she still doesn’t understand it. It happens even after many attempts, the person of choice is not looking at you. Because of this, many people become disappointed, they break their hearts. A report by Boldsky, India’s lifestyle and health website, suggests something that can help you. Let’s take a look at […]

6 Things You Can Do After A Master’s Degree

successful people

A Master’s degree is a milestone for many people. It completely changes the course of life for them in at least one way. The in-depth insight that students get while pursuing a master’s degree puts them ahead of the curve in their respective fields. People often contemplate hard before enrolling in a master’s program. Sometimes, […]

Seven Smart Tips to Choose The Right College Majors

best college majors

Almost done with high school and planning to go to your dream college? Yet still, confused about what to pursue as a career and choose the majors leading to it? Well, worry no more because you have come to the right place to crack the walnut! Transitioning between high school and college can be challenging […]