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Diego Maradona Dies on the Same Date His Friend Fidel Castro Left

The relationship between Diego Maradona and Fidel Castro was spiritual and ideological. Cuban undisputed leader Fidel called Maradona “dear friend” for which his door was opened. Maradona was a clear supporter of Fidel’s socialist ideology. What a wonder! Maradona departed on the same date Fidel died — November 25. 

Fidel left the world on November 25, 2016, at the age of 90. Maradona was in tears that day for the long-time Fidel. In response, the God of Football said, “The grief that I had on the day of my father’s death, the sorrow that I felt, was like the grief that I felt again today.”

Maradona, the soccer wizard, did not get a long life. He died at the age of 60. He has been in the treatment center many times because of drug abuse. He received many treatments even in Cuba. He was always afraid of his long life. 

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Maradona was seen to go to Fidel again and again. He was a big admirer of Fidel Castro and he idolized the Cuban leader so much. He had a tattoo of Fidel on his left and the famous Che Guevara on his right arm.

The world of sports is now in a state of a state of a state of commercial pride. The sports celebrities have to follow a number of rules. But Maradona wouldn’t have done this. He has been seen to have been preaching many times the political ideology of Fidel, avoiding the commercial scum. He was a clear-minded man in his place of thought. He was not seen to be in the custody.

Maradona had first met Fidel in 1987, according to a report of India Today. Their friendship blossomed only in the early 2000s when Maradona spent time in Cuba to get rid of drug addiction.

Fidel Castro helped him during that four-year period when he was in Cuba. “He opened Cuba’s doors to me when clinics in Argentina were slamming them shut because they didn’t want the death of Maradona on their hands,” Maradona had said, according to the report of India Today.

The powerful Cuban leader even invited him for morning walks and discussed politics, sports, and various topics with him, the football legend disclosed.

Maradona was left devastated when Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016. “I wept uncontrollably. After my father, it’s the deepest sorrow I know,” he had said. Maradona made it to Havana too and paid tribute to his good friend and ‘second father’, the report said.

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