Dealing with Insurance Companies After Experiencing a Car Accident

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Car accidents can be a common occurrence, depending on where you live. Still, few localities will claim zero car accidents or close to zero. Living in the states and being involved in a car accident can be a slightly different phenomenon to other areas. One of the reasons for this divergence is the presence of insurance companies and the need to pay compensation for car accident cases. 

Insurance companies sell their customers’ insurance plans to earn exorbitant fees for providing accidental coverage. However, paying the claims only means they reduce the chunk of their profits to accommodate the customer. For this reason, insurance companies hire private investigators or have their investigators fully get to the bottom of an incident involving their customers.

There are many instances of insurance companies for the faulting party to enter the negotiating game with the injured party to reduce the burden and the payout. The settlements offered by such companies may be less than what you can claim by pursuing a claim against the at-fault party. For this reason, you must keep a few handy tips in mind after being involved in an accident to safeguard your rights. 

Record the Aftermath of the Accident

While the accident is a surprise, it is essential to keep one’s wits about them immediately after the accident. What will this achieve, you may ask? The aftermath of an accident presents us with possible clues and information that could determine the fate of compensation and claims later on. After getting your bearings right, the main goal should be to document as many facts about the incident as possible. 

These could include taking photographs of the accident car and any injuries to the passengers. You should also take pictures of the driver and their personal information, such as their contact number. You should definitely take the number of the at-fault party for further dealings and filing the claim. 

Documentation is Key

While the first step is to document the accident scene, there will be more rounds of possible document-worthy processes sometime after the accident. These events may include attending a medical specialist to examine yourself for any lasting injuries. Keeping these medical records organized and safe is prudent, as they could substantiate your claims for better compensation. 

Other documents that may prove handy later on are the police report of the incident and your communication with the insurance company. The communication with the insurance carrier of the at-fault party can and, in most cases, will be used against you in a court of law. For this reason, ensure that all the records of such communication are accessible. 

Tread Carefully With the Opposing Insurance Company

It is of the utmost importance that you do not let your guard down when communicating with the at-fault party. Be it the person themselves or their insurance company, do not concede anything or be fooled by their kindness towards you. It may be the case that the insurance company is looking to persuade into conceding a less harmful settlement for the insurance provider. 

According to Cohen Winters, DWI lawyers, “Different tactics are usually involved in the pursuit to minimize the claim of an injured party by the opposing insurance provider. Apart from playing nice, the company may try to somehow discredit your testimony or pin some blame on you. The only sane advice here is to not say anything to the other party, as they could use this against you in a court of law. Mostly, the insurance company will want to settle out of court, as is the case with most personal injury claims”. 

Get Legal Counsel ASAP

While calling the police to the scene of the accident is the first step and getting medically examined is the second, this step will help determine how much you get in your insurance claim. Getting injured in an Uber accident, or any other accident for that matter can be a harrowing experience. You need experienced legal attorneys to fight your case and help you along this stressful journey. Getting yourself proper legal counsel is akin to getting professional medical help, as this, too, will help you heal. 

Legal counsel has been shown to help injured personnel to recover proper compensation regarding their accidental coverage claims. Your legal counsel will be well-equipped to tackle any divergence by the insurance companies to undercut your claims. Also, this counsel helps you avoid signing any documents that could prove harmful in getting the full amount of your claim. All in all, you can be rest assured that your claim is the maximum compensation possible, and you’re getting your fair share.


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