Entri Has Launched Data Science And Machine Learning Course In Telugu

Every day  2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced and it’s only growing as the world is highly dependent on data. This data helps us to understand more about the products and services as it provides insights on how to get better results in minimum time, productive usage, etc.

Data Science and Machine learning are terms most people use interchangeably when talking about AI, without knowing there is a huge difference in those. Data science is the field where meanings are extracted from a set of studied data, whereas extract meaning from it

Machine learning focuses on building models with the use of various tools and techniques so that these models can learn by themselves using data. 

Importance of Data Science

In a Techno world, Data is the most valued asset of any organization. It helps Industries to save money and time, making smart decisions by understanding and enhancing their processes.

In the healthcare industry, vital decisions regarding patients’ health conditions are monitored and tracked by physicians using wearable trackers physicians. It also helps hospital managers to reduce waiting time and enhance care for patients.

Data Science is now widely used in the banking and finance sectors, it can easily detect fraud and malpractices and can also provide personalized financial advice to customers. It enhances the customer-bank relationship.

Construction companies, Transportation providers, Manufacturing Industries, Energy exploration, Environmental protection all are seeking help from Data science for better decision making by tracking activities, graphical data, and temporal data. As a result, better control of utility usage is accomplished.

Importance Of Machine Learning

Machine learning allows Organisations and Industries to transform processes that were previously only possible for humans to perform like responding to customer service calls, bookkeeping, and even reviewing resumes of clients for everyday businesses.

Machine learning can also scale to handle larger problems like helping medical professionals in detecting the disease of a patient, it can also analyze his emotional states and report back. When it comes to technical image detection for self-driving cars, like one by google and tesla are powered by machine learning technology. It also helps in understanding the potential interaction of drugs on volunteers before clinical trials.

Entri Data Science And Machine Learning Course Specialities

Taroon Reddy, the main Instructor for the course, has been a Data Science Architect for the last 14 years. There will be sixty-plus hours of video classes that will go in-depth on Data Science and Machine learning from basics to advanced level. There will be video notes and great in-depth discussions. The curriculum is industry-relevant and will be the cornerstone for later placements for students. There will be four major capstone projects that will help students to understand the practice in depth. All discussions and teaching will be in the Telugu language as it will help the students to understand topics very well in their vernacular without going to a dictionary for help with terms and concepts.

Why Entri APP

India’s one and only vernacular learning platform that helps students to learn and improve their skills so as to build a great career. Entry has more than100’s of video courses in local languages that will get you placed in Government jobs. The entry provides courses for SSC, Bank tests, RRB, State level Psc, Digital Marketing, Stock Market, etc.


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