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5 Daily Habits to Increase Intelligence that you can Start Now

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Before we talk about “habits to increase intelligence,”  we have to define what intelligence is. According to scientists, they all seem to have a definition, and there are several. Still, they generally refer to a person’s capacity for abstraction, logic, learning, understanding, emotional knowledge, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

If we look at it that way, how smart do you think you are? Another definition is the ability to perceive and process information, retain it as knowledge, and apply it to adaptive behaviours within a context or environment. From that perspective, we can define some Good habits to increase.

Intelligence refers to the ability to perceive and process information, retain it as knowledge, and apply it to adaptive behaviours within a context or environment. From that perspective, we can define some habits to increase intelligence. They would be those that help us further develop that ability, and although it may not sound as complex as the first, they can help us in those other areas.

1. Constantly Learn

“If you are investing in your education and you are learning, you should do it as soon as possible because it will have the ability to accumulate longer.” “And the things you learn and invest in should be cumulative knowledge, so that knowledge builds on itself.” This article mentions investment genius Warren Buffett, who points out that the best investment you can make is in learning and development.

If you think about it, it is possible to learn anything; the world is full of possibilities far beyond our knowledge and abilities. Now we live in the age of the Internet, which makes access to information easier and allows you to even learn things for free.

Of course, looking for workshops, courses, or other opportunities to meet more people and have them help increase your knowledge is more advisable.

2. Read

Reading is a key way to learn, even when discussing fiction since it can help us see certain things from another perspective or learn about other cultures through the authors. However, it is important to consider that reading per se does not ensure learning since there is trash TV that does not offer much quality TV from which we can rescue various things. The same happens with books.

3. Develop Empathy 

Empathy is a key element of emotional intelligence, but it can also help us learn and react better in certain situations. People who do not have empathy tend to be closed and do not usually think about the consequences of their actions on other people. 

4. Listen to Different Points of view

As we mentioned in the previous point, listening to different points of view can help you be smarter and see things from another perspective. This is a skill that many have lost every day, as seen on social networks, which have become echo chambers in which only affirmations about personal ideologies are received. We must get out of those bubbles and listen to other perspectives, develop empathy, and thus develop the ability to see a problem and its possible solutions.

A closed mind is a sign of someone who is not willing to learn more and who is comfortable with their worldview. An intelligent person never stops learning.

5. Find ways to Challenge Yourself

We all feel comfortable in our comfort zones and can get nervous about learning something new or developing a skill. We don’t remember that we are all slow learners and that it takes time, leading many to quit before trying something new.

It’s important to always look for ways to challenge yourself, and you can try this in several ways, from doing puzzles, solving brain teasers, or crossword puzzles to learning a new skill from scratch.

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