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Wearing Masks During Exercise is Safe for Healthy People: Study

Whenever we leave the house, we wear masks. But sometimes there is a confusion in mind that whether it is safe to exercise with masks? A new study suggests that you can also exercise by wearing a face mask.

It is important to wear face masks to avoid Coronavirus, so we all know it. But when the pandemic has started, the question has arisen in minds of the most people.

Is it safe to apply masks when exercise or workouts or when running? While many doctors are of the opinion that masks should not be applied while doing exercise, new research claims that there is no harm in wearing masks during workouts. Especially with the upcoming masks like Philips fresh air mask, you can easily wear masks while working out. 

Wearing face masks is safe during exercise

This new study suggests that if you are fully healthy, you can also wear a face mask and exercise intense workouts. Additionally, it is also completely safe to do so. Researchers believe that the risk of Covid-19 outbreak inside indoor gym can be reduced if exercise is carried out by wearing masks. The results of the study were published in the European Respiratory Journal.

No health problems revealed

For this study, the researchers selected a group of 12 people and examined the breathing, heart activity and exercise performance of them. When they were doing workouts with masks or exercise on bikes without masks. There was some difference in the way of wearing masks and doing exercise without masks. The researchers believed that there was no result that pointed to a health problem.

The study results show that it is safe to wear masks even during intense exercise and can prevent the spread of Covid-19 among those who come to the gym. There are many benefits to exercise, but know what is the right time to do it.

Wearing masks prevent transmission of viruses in the gym

Dr Elisabetta Salvioni from Centro Cardiologico Monzino, IRCCS, Milan, Italy, and his team conducted the research. “We know that the Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through contaminated droplets coming out of the body through breathing,” says Dr Salvioni. So, there is a greater apprehension that when we breathe fast while doing exercise, the transmission of the virus is high, especially in a closed or indoor place. However, we should not assume that it is safe for all people to exercise by wearing masks. More research is needed on whether it is safe for the patients suffering from heart and longs disease.”

Disclaimer: Always consult with a specialist or physician before taking any measures. Editorialge does not claim responsibility for this information.

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