Feline Frenzy: Why Your Cat Deserves a Whiff of Catnip?

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Catnip has been a unique herb used to treat pets, particularly cats, for centuries. It is a member of the mint family and contains an active ingredient called nepetalactone, which triggers the signature response in cats when they come into contact with it.

When cats smell or ingest catnip, they may experience a temporary euphoria, roll around on the ground, meow, purr, and act out of character. So if you’re looking for a way to entertain your cat, catnips available at Pet.co.nz are a great choice.

1. Cats Love It

Cats can’t resist the aromatic allure of catnip. The herb’s scent triggers an immediate reaction in cats, resulting in happy purring, head rubbing, and rolling around in the stuff. Some cats even go crazy for catnip!

It’s no wonder why cats love catnip. Catnip is like a natural delicacy for them. Plus, it’s harmless and won’t cause harm if your cat indulges in catnip. So don’t be surprised if your feline friend is interested in the herb.

2. It’s Not Addictive

Regarding catnip, you don’t have to worry about your pet becoming addicted. Catnip is not addictive for cats and won’t cause them to become dependent on the substance. In addition, unlike some substances that create an addiction in cats, such as tobacco, catnip contains no harmful ingredients that can lead to an addiction.

Catnip is also safe for cats because it produces no long-term side effects. When a cat is exposed to catnip, the effect usually lasts for about 10 minutes and then wears off. This means that your pet will not develop a tolerance to the substance and will not need to take more significant amounts of catnip to get the same effects.

3. Catnip Is Good for Their Digestion

Catnip isn’t just for fun. It can be beneficial for your cat’s digestion as well. Catnip contains antioxidants that help keep the digestive tract healthy and functioning correctly.

It can also stimulate the appetite, helping cats who are feeling under the weather or not eating enough to get their nutrition back on track. Plus, catnip has natural antibacterial properties, which can reduce the risk of infection and improve overall digestive health.

4. It Keeps Them Fit

Catnip is an excellent way to keep your cat healthy and fit. It helps cats stay active and keep their muscles toned. Catnip also helps cats maintain a healthy weight by helping to burn calories.

When cats play with catnip toys, they engage in interactive activities that stimulate them mentally and physically. This leads to increased energy levels, helping them stay active and alert. In addition, this can help them maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass.

5. Helps With Anxiety

Cats can get anxious, just like us! Catnip is an effective and safe way to help cats relax and reduce stress. The natural active ingredient in catnip is nepetalactone, a mild sedative.

Research has shown that cats respond positively to the scent of nepetalactone and feel a calming effect, which may help ease anxiety. For cats that suffer from separation anxiety or other behavioural issues, giving them a whiff of catnip can help them relax and feel calmer. It’s an easy and safe way to relieve your cat’s stress and anxiety.

6. Teaches Them Manners

Catnip is a great way to teach your cat good manners. For example, it can help them learn not to scratch or bite furniture and discourage them from jumping on countertops.

When cats sniff catnip, they become so absorbed in the scent that they become oblivious to their surroundings. This allows owners to show their cats what behaviours are acceptable and which are not.

Catnip can also reward good behaviour, providing positive reinforcement for cats when they obey commands or practice proper manners.

7. It’s Fun for Everyone

Catnip is a great way to add fun to your cat’s day! Your kitty can roll around and play in the dried leaves, rub their face on it, and even chase the toy you give them! It’s a great way to bond with your pet, as you both enjoy watching them get silly from the effects of catnip.

It’s also a great way to keep them occupied if you’re busy or away for a few hours. The possibilities for fun are endless when it comes to catnip.


Catnip is a great way to give your cat some extra fun and stimulation in their lives. It has many benefits, from improved digestion and fitness to calming anxiety and teaching manners. Not only that, but it’s also something both you and your cat can enjoy together! So why not pick up some catnip today and let the feline frenzy begin?

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