3 Easy Methods to Remove Dirt from Carpets

Carpets are one of the best accessories for decorating our homes. The carpets enhance beauty of the different rooms, provide warmth, and protect our floors. Also, these allow us to go barefoot at home even in the winter season. But, carpet cleaning is not so easy. Carpets can also become a breeding ground for dust, mites, germs and bacteria. And, with the arrival of good weather, it is time to clean them thoroughly, disinfect them and say goodbye until next winter.

According to microbiology research, a carpet collects around four thousand times more dirt than a toilet seat, with about 200 thousand bacteria per 2.5 square centimeters. Although vacuuming is the best way to clean our carpets daily, it is not enough to eradicate all the dirt.

Powder cleaning

If what you are looking for is a quick and uncomplicated cleaning, without a doubt, your option is cleaning powders.

No special equipment is needed and the results are excellent. The process is very simple, first, you will have to vacuum the carpet deeply and then spread the cleaning powders on it and work them. After a short time of action, the dust can be vacuumed even with a handheld robot vacuum cleaner, if we want to be more thorough. Cleaning powders, in addition to removing stubborn grease stains from carpets, are able to remove many of the substances that cause multiple allergies, such as dust mites. Your carpet will be like new very quickly and easily!

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Cleaning with detergent

For those who want to clean thoroughly, then detergent is good to wash those. This procedure consists of two phases — the detergent is applied and rubbed on the carpet. And later with a vacuum cleaner for wet surfaces, by applying extractor spray, the liquid dirt that originates is absorbed. Of course, always be careful! This type of cleaning must be applied with knowledge and in a controlled way. Because there is a risk of irreversibly damaging the carpet if we make an excessive application of the product. Use this method wisely and you will achieve miracles.

High pressure spray cleaning

For those who prefer to leave the cleaning of carpets, one of the most delicate elements in the home, in the hands of professionals, high pressure spray cleaning ensures successful results, click here for more.

This method involves spraying the carpets with liquid detergent using a high-pressure machine. In this way, dirt particles are detached and can be subsequently removed with a vacuum cleaner. Spray extraction requires special equipment and time. Instead, its results are more than effective and it is a great option if you don’t want to lift a finger. 

How to Clean and Keep Books in Good Condition

Apply any of these methods and keep your carpet totally clean and sanitized. Also, be sure to cover it with a sheet and store it in a cool, and moisture-free closet to keep it in top condition.

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