Bill Gates Says ChatGPT will ‘Change Our World’

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In an interview with the German business newspaper Handelsblatt that came out on Friday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that the AI tool ChatGPT “will change our world.”
“Up until now, AI could read and write, but it couldn’t understand what it was reading or writing. By making it easier to write invoices or letters, new programs like ChatGPT will speed up a lot of office work. This will make a big difference, “A translation of the billionaire’s interview that was published by Reuters shows what he said.
OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, released the AI tool ChatGPT in November. In just two months, the number of users has grown to an estimated 100 million, making it the app with the fastest growth rate of all time.
Users are interested in the AI chatbot because it can do a lot of different things, like writing cover letters, passing university-level exams, and even coding.

In an interview with Forbes, Gates said that AI tools like ChatGPT have some “exciting” uses for people, like helping students with math and giving “medical advice” to people who can’t go to a doctor.
“This is just as important as the PC or the Internet,” he said in the interview. “It will be the most talked-about subject of 2023,” he added.
In January, Microsoft said that it would invest a lot of money in OpenAI, reportedly $10 billion. After putting $1 billion into the AI company in 2019, it did this.
The tech giant just showed off the new version of Bing, which was made in partnership with OpenAI. Microsoft said that it is “stronger than ChatGPT.”
Due to the popularity of ChatGPT, Google has decided to show off its own AI chatbot, Bard, which it did this week.


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