Best Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Longer Naturally

Everyone is looking for long and fluffy eyelashes, and we’re showing the best ways to improve growth-without the need for any costly treatments or products.

Here are a few tips on how to get beautiful eyelashes, using natural methods and ingredients.

Remove the eye makeup

We’re all guilty of often falling asleep with our make-up, but this is probably the biggest cause of eyelash loss – and it also limits the eyelid’s ability to recover lashes.

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Taking the extra few minutes every night to gently remove any residual make-up will ensure that nothing is hindering their ability to develop.

Balance your diet

For hair growth, protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs and beans are essential, so integrate them as much as possible into your meals.

For example, salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that are important for strong hair, shiny hair, and long eyelashes.

Stop unnecessary rubbing of the eyes

Rubbing your eyelids might be a habit that you need to kick. It could loosen your lashes and cause them to fall down. Have a look eyelash extensions near me.

It also spreads dust and dirt, clogging follicles, and spectacular growth on the lashes.

Lash Growth Serum

Eyelash growth serums are among the beauty products that seem to be too nice to be true. You may have learned a lot of eye serums that stimulate the growth of lashes. These serums are perfect for thickening lashes. On the market are thousands of serums. Make sure you read all the ingredients in the formula before you buy any serum. Careprost is one of the people’s most popular eyelash growth serums.  When you get rid of the extensions, it will be a big change to get back to your natural lashes. Serums will help you to get the fine lash that you want without risking your lash health.

Eyelids Massage

It may sound odd, but a gentle eyelid massage will improve your blood flow and increase circulation, which will support your lashes to grow. 

Apply the oil to your lashes

You may already be used to add serums and oils to your hair, but it turns out that it is just as useful to apply it directly to your eyelashes.

By adding a small amount of olive, castor or coconut oil before bedtime, your lashes can grow longer and thicker.

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