Top Core Benefits of Automation Testing

Every company develops its product. It needs to have tests in place. Testing is an essential part of product development, especially to ensure quality. Every company gives much attention to testing as it plays an important role when you want to deliver a strong product. Some companies prefer to do manual testing, even though they have an optional step of automating the test process. Manual testing will reduce all costs, but automation increases software development efficiency and allows you to build more robust tools. When it comes to a career, a manual and automation testing career is full of opportunities.

This year there are estimated to be three people in the workforce. It is expected to grow 14.2% by 2026. If you are looking to make a career in the testing field, it will be one of the best decisions in your career. There are various platforms offering automation testing online courses and certification programs. Some of the platforms are offering free online courses. Some of the top platforms offering online automation Testing courses and programs: 

  • Simplilearn
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy
  • Pluralsight
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Techcanvass

Top online Automation testing courses

  • CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing
  • Selenium Automation Testing for Beginners
  • Learn Test Automation with Boozang
  • Getting Started With Test Automation Using Selenium
  • Exploring Service APIs through Test Automation
  • Test Automation in DevOps.

Automation testing is often neglected due to various reasons, cost, time constraints, and many more. This is one of the major obstacles to the customer cycle due to customer dissatisfaction, or delay in delivery. It will also affect an overall increase in quality-related costs or they need to be heavily compromised in end-product quality. There are several reasons for such a sharp increase in maintenance and testing costs. An ineffective test strategy, faulty test case, or test delay, there could be any reason for customer dissatisfaction. To overcome such a growing ordeal automation test came into the picture, It enhances the development process of an application in various ways.

Automation testing uses an automation tool to manually run the test case instead of a human. It executes the suite with step-by-step instructions. Automation testing services reduce the number of test cases that were running manually instead of eliminating manual testing. Most importantly automated testing can be implemented time and again with minimum effort and you can expect high accuracy.


When it comes to validation in various phases, automated testing gives relief. It helps coders, designers, and product owners to communicate easily.  It allows potential glitches to be immediately rectified. It assures accurate results with higher efficiency of the development team.

Accelerated Results

Automated tests implemented quickly can save a lot of time and even save time for complex and large systems. This allows for repeat testing, providing faster results each time with less effort and time.

Fewer Expenses

The automation testing might cost a higher side in an initial time, but it saves companies and their projects. The sharp drop in testing time, save projects and businesses. It provides better quality of work and lessens the need to fix issues after publishing and reduces project costs.

High Efficiency

Testing has great merit when it comes to a software or application development cycle. It shows minor improvements in the overall efficiency can make huge differences to the projects. Even though the automation setup might take a long time in an early stage, the automation testing reduces the timeframes eventually. This automation testing doesn’t need human monitoring, it can be run virtually.

Higher test coverage.

Automation tests can be implemented multiple times. This will lead to a higher coverage compared to a manual testing approach. The manual testing will take a heavy time and a massive team. The automation tests don’t need heavy time with quality results. High number coverage leads to testing more features and higher quality applications.

Reusable tests

The major perks of automation tests are reusable and repetitive. Due to the repetitive nature of the test and easy configuration of its setup, software developers have the opportunity to assess program reaction. The developers can use test cases in different approaches.

Detailed Testing

Every test tends to have various testing approaches. As it needs to get a different focus area as per their exposure and level of expertise. With the help of automation, it gives an equal focus on all areas of testing. It assures the good quality of the end product with a greater emphasis on each aspect of the product. It is also known for the atom level approach for testing. It is considered error-free.

Early fault detection

The testing documents of the software defects make it easy for the testing team. It also makes it easier for development teams to work relatively easily and helps the team together to consider defects and provide faster output. Hence the overall project efficiency will increase with correct functionality in all relevant areas The earlier defect identification is better and cost-efficient. It is easy to solve and deploy.

Time to Market

Automation testing will help projects or products dramatically reduce time to market. It allows constant and regular execution of test cases. After automation, the test library runs extremely fast and takes longer.


Automation solutions can help in creating, manipulating, and protecting your test database. It allows reusing your data reportedly. It helps to save time and cost inefficiency. It adds value for all the stakeholders. It improves the brand image, brand recall, higher customer retention with a higher revenue generation. As a result, there is an increase in the investment in product research and process innovation, thus helping the organization to scale new heights and establish its superiority in the market. This will ultimately produce permanent solutions to the problems facing the organization and help raise industry standards.

Essentially, it can be established that automated testing leads to cost reduction, time and effort savings, faster feedback, consistency, and faster results, thus directly contributing to increased productivity and leading to the maximization of profits.


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