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Bedroom Decor: Inspiring Ideas For A Natural Bedroom

The benefits of nature are endless, from cultivating a sense of calm to limiting stress. If your busy life leaves little time to get outdoors, relax, there is another way to enjoy some natural magic. Bringing nature home is easier than you think. Why not start with the best room in the house? Your bedroom is a private sanctuary to unwind from the day and looking for ways to make it more natural could improve your sleep, happiness, and wellbeing. There’s no need to call in the designers! Here are some simple, inspiring ideas for a natural bedroom.

1. Sleep naturally

No, we don’t mean naked. Although studies show this could also improve your sleep! Making a few natural switches to what you’re sleeping on is a great place to start. Let’s start with some pillow talk. Finding the best memory foam bamboo pillow for your sleeping position could not only make bedtime more comfortable, but bamboo is also a natural wonder plant. The insanely soft fabric is naturally hypo-allergenic and temperature intuitive to keep your skin cool and soothed all night long. Sleeping on natural materials reduces your exposure to toxins and this small change can encourage a shift to living more mindfully. Plus, what more could you want in a pillow than cool, natural comfort?

2. Let in the light

While a cool, dark bedroom can help your body produce melatonin to help you drift off, exposure to early morning sunlight will not only mean brighter mornings. Waking up to natural light can regulate your body’s natural sleep/ wake cycle. Studies also show daylight is essential for your well-being. With many of us working from home and the shorter days that the colder months bring, getting enough natural light can be tough leading to conditions such as SAD. Opening your curtains or pulling back the blinds in the morning or even enjoying some afternoon bed rest with gentle light can help improve your mood and make your bedroom the natural, relaxing sanctuary you deserve.

3. Plant power

Although walks in nature are incredible for your physical and mental health, cold days and long work hours can make it hard to enjoy the great outdoors. Bring the power of plants to bedtime! There is an abundance of refreshing, calming, and rejuvenating plants that you can pop on your bedroom desk or bedside table. From sweet swelling lavender which promotes deeper rest to a splash of green English ivy to brighten up your space. The healing properties of plants can make your bedroom a healthier space and is a holistic way to encourage better sleep. You may find you wake up feeling perkier too, plants are known for their mood-boosting properties. The natural solution for calmer nights and happier mornings.

4. Walk on nature

Stuck indoors? You can take a walk in nature from your very own bedroom. Natural flooring is in demand with many of us trying to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. There are plenty of different options to choose from. Warm rugs can be a great addition to colder wooden flooring and a natural way to add style and color to your space. Your bedroom floor is the first thing those precious feet touch in the morning and the last things they touch at night, choose something that feels good. From natural carpeting to oaky hardwood knowing you are walking in natural materials will make your bedroom feel that bit more special and help do your bit for the environment. Another reason to sleep soundly!

5) Natural scents

Put down the air freshener, there is a natural way to keep your bedroom smelling divine. Not only is the soft, flickering glow of candlelight the perfect addition for your bedtime reading, choosing natural materials harnesses the sweet magic of nature too. Look for natural biodegradable wax, that burns longer, and comes in various delicious scents. Some unique smaller brands to explore are often more planet-friendly than the bigger stores. Indulge in an adventure of scents from classic vanilla to seasonal blends. Fill your bedroom with the sweet smell of nature and wake up feeling magic.

Making small changes to your bedroom can have a big effect on the quality of your well-being. Use these ideas to explore what inspires rest, naturally. After all, what are bedrooms for?

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