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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Amazon Plans to Layoff more than 18,000 Workers: CEO

Amazon had said before that it would lay off nearly 10,000 people around the world, but now that number has gone up. In his most recent post, the CEO of the company, Andy Jassy, said that the company will lay off more than 18000 people. Jassy says that one reason for the mass layoffs is that they hired a lot of people quickly. “This year’s review has been harder than usual because of the uncertain economy and the fact that we’ve been hiring a lot over the past few years,” the CEO of Amazon said in an official blog post.

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“We’re going to cut just over 18,000 jobs. Several teams are affected, but most of the job cuts are in our Amazon Stores and PXT departments, the CEO wrote in a blog post. He also said that Amazon would start talking to the affected employees on January 18. Jassy also said that someone on the internal team had told other people about the layoffs, so he had to write the blog post to make sure everyone understood.

“Most of the time, we don’t talk about these results until we’ve talked to the people who are directly affected. But because one of our teammates told the outside world about this, we thought it would be best to tell you earlier so you can hear the details from me. “We plan to talk to affected employees (or, in Europe, employee representative bodies) starting on January 18,” Jassy wrote in the blog post.

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The CEO of Amazon promised that affected employees would get severance pay, health benefits, and any other help they might need. “S-team and I know that eliminating roles is hard for people, and we don’t make these decisions lightly or underestimate how much they might change the lives of those who are affected. We are working to help those who are affected and are giving them packages that include a separation payment, transitional health insurance benefits, and help to find work outside of Amazon,” the company’s CEO wrote in a blog post.

Jassy also gave hints that Amazon might stop hiring for a while. “Amazon has survived in the past in uncertain and hard economies, and we will continue to do so. These changes will help us pursue long-term opportunities with a stronger cost structure. “I’m also hopeful that we’ll be creative, resourceful, and determined during this time when we’re not hiring as many people and getting rid of some roles,” the company CEO said.

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This is the second time Amazon has said it will lay off people. In November, some employees in the company’s Devices and Books businesses were let go. Jassy also said, “Amazon announced that some employees in our People, Experience, and Technology (PXT) organization can take a pay cut if they want to.”

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