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World Health Day 2021: 5 Rules for Better Health

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April and the theme of this year is building a healthier world for everyone. At present, when the Coronavirus has spread all around, keeping the body fit has become even more important. In order to be healthy, you will also have to take care of your mental health along with the body.

On the occasion of World Health Day 2021, we are telling you about the 5 important rules that you should follow daily. If you can do these regularly, your mind and body will remain healthy.

You can follow these 5 rules if you want to be healthy:

Today is World Health Day 2021. On the occasion of the day we are telling you about the rules, which protect you from the diseases. For this, you will first need to change your lifestyle.

Habits of eating

Pay attention to what you are eating daily. These days, many people do not have time for themselves because of the run-of-the-mill lifestyle. You should not eat whatever you get, whether it is junk food or processed food. It has the worst effect on your health. So a healthy and balanced diet is the first step towards making yourself healthy. Don’t skip breakfast, otherwise it will be very bad for your health. So always take breakfast and dinner the lightest. Seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein-rich items, healthy fat, dairy products, dry fruits and seeds – you should include these foods in your diet.

Sleep 7 to 8 hours daily

Do you know that diseases are related to your sleep as well. It has been proved in many studies that if a person is not able to sleep, he or she can suffer from many disease including obesity and heart disease. Therefore, it is very important to get good and restful sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night. If you do not do this even after trying in every way, do not ignore this problem and contact the doctor immediately.

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Do exercise or physical activity

Exercise not only keeps your body healthy, but also keeps functioning the brain and hormones better. Exercising also improves the level of blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol in the body. Thus there is no risk of depression. The American Heart Association considers 150 minutes of exercise a week as very important for body fitness. But it does not just mean sweating for hours in the gym. If you want, you can do simple workouts at home, aerobics, dancing, yoga, walking in the park, jogging or running, and cycling. Do what you like, but do physical activity.

Reduce extra stress

Healthy lifestyle does not just mean healthy diet and regular exercise. But your lifestyle will be healthy only when there is no stress. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the stress level of most people is getting high anyway. Taking too much stress affects the cortisol level, there is a risk of depression and many types of diseases can also occur. Meditation is good for your health. So meditation can keep you stress free.

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Keep the bad habits at bay

Many people exercise on one side, consume healthy food and on the other hand they start smoking cigarettes and taking alcohol. Then how will the body remain healthy? As far as possible, stay away from the habit of smoking cigarettes, taking alcohol and drugs. Apart from this, junk food is also a big enemy of your health. Therefore, change your bad habits to good habits for a better lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Always consult a specialist or doctor before taking any remedy. Editorialge does not claim responsibility for this information.

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