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How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Covid-19 Pandemic


All people have been thinking about fitness during Coronavirus pandemic. So you can think about exercises that can increase your immune system and fight against the Covid-19. If you are older or a patient of diabetes, high blood pressure or hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or increased blood cholesterol levels, then you are in a high risk.

Additionally, if you are not able to walk or exercise for a long time, the problem will increase. So, you have to stay active throughout the day. And to stay active or fit you should exercise.

What kind of exercise should you do?

  1. People may think that exercise means that someone is walking a little vigorously on a roof or treadmill, while others do yoga. But it’s not actually. You need to know exactly what makes the body fit or healthy.
  1. According to reports of World Health Organization and American College of Sports Medicine, healthy and physically fit people aged 18 to 64 years need to do Aerobic exercise at a moderate speed of 150 minutes a week. Also, the Aerobic exercise should be at a high speed of 75 minutes. Additionally, two to three days a week should be done to increase muscle strength exercises.
  1. Aerobic exercise refers to walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, etc. So, you can walk on a treadmill or roof, spot jogging, spot skipping or riding a static bicycle.
  1. Walking as fast as possible benefits the heart and lungs more. It should be 20-30 minutes in a row. Walk for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon if you can’t do it in a row. This need to be at such a speed that even if you gasp, you can say a couple of words, but you can’t sing.
  2. Check the condition of knees and waist and ankles. If you have been suffering from heart-lung low functions, then do Aerobic exercise with the advice of a doctor. But make sure of wearing good walking shoes before walking or jogging. Otherwise you can feel pain in the legs.
  1. What is stretching? More or less everyone knows how to do stretching. Nothing special, this exercise is very beneficial in keeping every muscle in the body moving. Foot-waist-spine stretching will be of great use at this time. You can do it if there is no pain or bone and muscle problems.t

6 Essential Health Tips to Keep You Fit

  1. Muscle strengthening or muscle scenting exercises can be done in two ways. It can be done with weight and using body weight. The exercise is also known as body weight training. It has a variety of squatting, as well as leg rising, placards, push-ups, etc. However, if people with elderly or chronic illnesses or low fitness or lack of habits with knee-back pain, they must take useful exercise suing a physiotherapy expert. Otherwise there will be various difficulties. Healthy ones can definitely do all its exercises.
  1. Recently, a few new types of exercise have been introduced to make stretching, balance, strength training with the Aerobic and musics. One such is Tabata. If you are young, you can do it if you have fitness.
  1. You can do Zumba. But only if you are young and have high fitness. If fitness is good even at an early age, you can do it if your knees and waist are fine. Those who do Zumba will not give it up at this time of Coronavirus. Since your body will be good in Zumba, the mind will be a little lighter.
  1. You can also do yoga. It’s only people of all ages who can do it, it also takes very little space. So you can do it anywhere in the house.
  1. Meditation is good too. In addition to our physical well-being, it is also important to stay mentally healthy. Because during the Coronavirus pandemic we are all going through some mental stress, some may or may be suffering from physical, some are suffering from economic problems, which causes mental stress. So regular meditation along with exercise will help you stay mentally healthy as well.

Wearing Masks During Exercise is Safe for Healthy People: Study

Try to stay active most of the time along with these exercises. Avoid sitting in one place continuously. Otherwise, you will not get the benefits of exercise properly.

What happens if you exercise?

  1. Exercise reduces excess belly fat.
  1. Keeps the heart and lungs fresh, which has a major role to play in preventing the complications of Coronavirus.
  2. Helps keep sugar-pressure-cholesterol low. The first two of them are related to the Covid-19.
  1. Bone health remains good as well.
  1. Increases physical fitness and immunity. We need to fight against Coronavirus and so we have to be fit and healthy during this situation.

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According to American Society for Nutrition, physically active people usually live longer than those who are unfit or may have a risk of heart disease. Inactivity is an important risk factor similar to high blood pressure, smoking, or high cholesterol. 

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