Exercise During Pregnancy may Save Child from Health Problems

Exercise in pregnancy can protect your child from these diseases, a study claims. According to a new study, if a pregnant woman exercises lightly during pregnancy, it can save the unborn child from many diseases in the future.

The time of pregnancy is very special for every woman. Also, during this time they take all kinds of precautions so that the unborn child does not have any kind of discomfort. This is the reason that most pregnant women keep a complete watch from their food to physical activity. Light exercise is always healthy for both mother and baby, and that the point mentioned in the study.

Exercise in pregnancy will reduce transmission of disease in the child

Yes, a new research suggests that exercise during pregnancy can reduce diabetes to the unborn child and metabolic diseases, which is a great extent. This can also help prevent transmission of metabolic diseases in children from obese parents. According to the researchers, if this proves true for humans too, then pregnant women will be able to ensure that their children lead healthy lives in the future through exercise.

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How the fetus get benefit from exercising during pregnancy   

Exercise expert Jane Yann of the University of Virginia School of Medicine at the U.S. says, most of the chronic diseases that do not heal for a long time once they occur originate from the womb. It happens only while living in. It is also seen that the poor healthy women before pregnancy and during pregnancy has a negative effect on the unborn child. This is probably due to chemical changes in the genes.

Even before this, there has been many research in this matter. According to the researches, exercising during pregnancy keeps the child healthy. It will also help avoid any kind of premature delivery. But this new study of Yann suggests that the benefits of exercise done by the mother during pregnancy continue to be enjoyed by the child throughout his life. The study has confirmed that the negative impact of obesity of mother or father can be completely prevented from transfer to the child due to the exercise done by pregnant woman during pregnancy.

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