Why Shouldn’t You Do These After Having a Meal?

Some of our habits are such that we are not aware of how they harm our health. Sleeping, taking a bath, drinking tea and coffee immediately after having meals are also some such reasons, due to which you can fall ill.

You must have heard many people even health experts say that one should not take a bath immediately after eating food, one should not sleep immediately after having a meal. So what is the reason behind such advice? Has this question ever come to your mind. You Healthy Diet and time, it’s good in terms of health. But there are some things and habits that you should not do immediately after having meals or else your health may be damaged. Learn about the same things here.

What not to do immediately after having meals?

Drinking tea immediately after a meal

Many people must have noticed that they like to drink tea coffee after meal immediately after eating. But if you have a similar habit, then change it today. Drinking tea-coffee immediately after a meal can cause digestive problems because tea-coffee contains a chemical called tannin that hinders the absorption of iron present in the food. So if you feel like drinking tea, green tea or coffee, then drink it after 1 hour of eating.

Eating fruits immediately after eating

Although eating fruits is one of the healthiest habits, but if you eat fruit after lunch or dinner (Fruits after meal) then it can be harmful for your health. When the fruit mixes with the rest of the food and goes to the stomach, it remains in the digestive system for a long time, due to which it can cause many problems like indigestion, indigestion, stomach and chest irritation, sour belching. Also, the nutritional value of the food or fruit you have eaten also changes.

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Taking a bath immediately after eating

When we eat food, the body needs a lot of energy to digest that food. But if you start taking bath immediately after eating, then the blood starts reaching the skin directly so that it can control the body temperature. Due to this, there may be problems related to digestion. Immediately after a meal is the time when blood should reach the intestine and help digestion.

Sleep immediately after eating

Health experts always say that there should be a gap of at least 1-2 hours between eating and sleeping. The reason for this is that when you go to sleep immediately after having a meal then the juice that is made in the stomach to digest the food starts coming upwards causing heartburn. Can. Also, sleeping immediately after eating can also increase the risk of weight gain and stroke.

Drinking water immediately after eating

When you drink water immediately after meals, the secretion of juices and enzymes for digesting food in the stomach decreases, due to which the digestion of food properly Does not happen and problems such as bloating, indigestion can occur.

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Disclaimer: Always consult a specialist or doctor before taking any remedy. Editorialge does not claim responsibility for this information.


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