Women and Chic Cowboy Hats – The Essential Styling Guidelines

The majority of the time most women would want to appear pretty and ladylike. However, there are times when they wish to project a stylish and playful vibe. They might want to look more distinctive than others. Here a cool and classy-looking cowboy can do the magic.

Many women aren’t aware of the cowboy hat. The hat is very similar to a floppy or a felt hat. The only exception is that a cowboy hat tilts upwards on either side. Today, it’s possible for women to create a stunning and distinctive outfit for the cowboy hat. Today, you will come across several American cowboy hats that you can pair with your casual and formal attires and look your best.

A few things to remember

If you are a style-conscious woman, you will get eager to pair up a cowboy hat with your outfits and look your best. That aside, there are other women as well who want to experiment with this hat type and check how well they can flaunt and carry it. But before you do so, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Stick to simplicity

If you are about to try the cowboy hat for the first time, it’s a smart call to stay simple. That doesn’t mean you will not style it the way it’s shown in fashion magazines. It means that it’s always a good idea to start from a basic style code. That enables you to get used to wearing the cowboy hat and getting comfortable with it. It would help if you remembered that anything that is simple can be stylish as well. So, stick to simplicity first as you are getting started to style your cowboy hat.

  1. Get your hat size correct

A cowboy is a hat that looks pronounced and occupies good space. Hence, it’s essential to get the hat size correct. If you get a bigger hat size, it will tilt either backward or forward awkwardly and make you uncomfortable. There can be times when an oversized hat might just fall off your head. Similarly, it’s essential to ensure that the hat size is not small. That way, the hat might be too tight, and it will leave a red mark on your forehead and can also result in headaches. You can always count on your hat maker to allow you to arrive at the correct hat size.

  1. Don’t listen to the naysayers

Wearing a cowboy hat means making a bold style statement. And not many people are comfortable with it. Hence, if you ask anyone whether you should go ahead with your cowboy hat or not, they might straight-up discourage you. If you have already witnessed this, make it a point not to let this dampen your spirit. Instead, you need to go ahead with your decision to sport this hat. If you want, you can research online about how you can wear this hat and check out different resources to prepare better.

  1. Buy a high-quality hat

People trying a cowboy hat for the first time often feel that they should purchase a cheap one first, which is poor in quality, and invest in a high-end hat later. It’s not a good practice as the money is not yielding you much. Instead, you should take time to research online and find a hatmaker who can provide you with the best-quality hat within your budget. That way, you can make the most of your investment and ensure that your hat is durable.

The style guide

Now that you know about the basics, let’s move to the style guide. Here, we have collated some outfit ideas to complement your cowboy hat.

  • Wear a straw cowboy hat with shorts and a fitting shirt

Some women think that you have to wear a cowboy hat with cowboy-looking attire! That’s far from the truth. You can try this outfit idea when you are heading for the beach and it will add more to your persona. You can choose a form-fitting shirt and pair it with denim shorts. Choose ripped shorts if you want. Put on your nude sandals and add the cowboy hat to your attire and look stunning.

  • Choose a green cowboy hat and wear it with a mini skirt and ruched blouse

If you want to look ladylike with a cowboy hat, this outfit will help you. Get yourself a long-sleeved ruched blouse in white and wear it with a mini skirt. You can choose your nude heeled sandals. Go ahead and get boho necklaces, a silver belt, and pair it with the green cowboy hat. You will steal a few glances.

  • Pair a green cowboy hat with jeans and a white blouse

This stylish but simple attire will appear feminine and classy. You can search for a white blouse that has pleats and pair it with your skinny jeans. Choose a dark color for the jeans and also get a brown leather belt. Other than the green cowboy hat, get yourself ankle boots to finish the look.  

  • Wear a white cowboy hat, jumpsuit, and shirt

Women can use their imagination to come up with creative and fashionable outfit ideas with a cowboy hat, like this one. For instance, get yourself a pink denim shirt, pair it with ankle boots and wear your white cowboy hat. The look is bold without being over the top.

  • Choose a straw cowboy hat with skinny jeans and a tank top

This look is both attractive and casual. It’s also stylish enough to gain you a few appreciations from your friends and dear ones. To flaunt this look, you can get yourself a snug or fitting tank top. After that, you can pair it with your skinny jeans. A light blue color would be apt. Wear your cowboy hat and to give a finish to this look put on nude strappy sandals.

The cowboy hat will throw several outfit ideas in your head. It’s good to give the ideas mentioned above and others a try to find your comfort zone. You can sport this look for a casual gathering or when you are at vacation and make it your own.



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