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Why Hiring Takes So Long and How to Speed It Up?

Ways to Speed Up Hiring Process

In recent days when the pandemic has hit the world, the effect has been visible in every department of industries, including the recruiting department. The shortage of talent & high level of competition has made the hiring process challenging. Excellent prospects usually leave the market fast when they believe businesses are taking longer, and recruiters are left with a smaller pool of less qualified individuals. Organizations can hire the most relevant prospects before competitors simply by speeding up the hiring process.

Well, this isn’t as complicated as it seems. Having proper Skill gap analysis: the What, the how, and the why & how to use skill assessment testing strategically can give a great recruiter sort of relief during the hiring process.

Hiring Process: What makes it Lengthy?

Hiring cannot be done instantly; of course, it takes time, but it is up to businesses to take only a short time that they miss the right candidate. Here are a few causes that make the hiring process slow:

  • Ineffective Job Advertisements: The recruiter must have a clear idea about the job responsibilities to build compelling job descriptions to attract ideal candidates. Ads should be written to appeal to the personality type that fits the position best. You’ll save a tonne of time by starting with a targeted candidate pool rather than having to spend time interviewing and eliminating candidates who aren’t a good fit. You may determine the person most likely to succeed on the job by administering personality & skill assessment testing.
  • Candidates’ Unrealistic Expectations: There won’t be many perfect, nearby, and immediately available job seekers. If you’re determined to wait for a prodigy with a track record, don’t anticipate a quick hiring procedure. You may expect another obstacle if you choose candidates based solely on intuition. Only a scientific, data-driven strategy will allow for more reasonable expectations and a quicker hiring process.
  • Unsuccessful Interviewing Technique: Interviewing is a combination of art and science. Most interviewers employ the same stale questions that anyone can find online, and as a result, they receive the same pre-written responses. You can customize each interview to the job and ask illuminating questions to cut down on the most frequent issues with the hiring process. Through this, you’ll probably gain some understanding of qualities like morality, the ability to solve problems, and personal values.

Ways to Speed Up Hiring Process

Getting the proper personnel in place faster will help the business grow dramatically. You may fill in the holes in your hiring process by implementing these strategies.

Employ Hiring Technology

Repetitive manual hiring procedures may prolong your employment process. As recruiters are also human, they may not have enough time in the day to respond to inquiries, arrange interviews, and develop the talent pipeline, particularly during periods of solid hiring activity.

Not all recruitment tasks can be automated, but they can partially be! Giving recruiters more time to concentrate on cultivating relationships with applicants, these technologies can assist from the start of the hiring process till the end.

Skill assessment testing can significantly speed up the hiring process by automating the initial screening of candidates. In the past, recruiters and hiring managers had to manually review resumes and conduct phone or in-person interviews to determine whether a candidate had the necessary skills and qualifications for a job. This process was time-consuming and resource-intensive, often resulting in delays in filling open positions.

Tech assessment platforms rely on standardized tests and challenges designed to measure a candidate’s technical skills accurately. This helps to ensure that the best candidates are selected based on merit rather than subjective factors. Recruiters can track when interviews are taking place without losing time to administrative scheduling responsibilities thanks to tools like Yaksha. Additionally, these tools aid in speeding up the process by automatically starting background checks when a job offer is made.

Engage Candidates in Conversation

According to the Talent Board 2021 Report, candidates who feel that their time has been disregarded leave out the most frequently. The applicant experience is enhanced through frequent communication, which also shows consideration for candidates’ time. Your ideal candidates are more likely to stick around to obtain a job offer if you let them know where they stand in the hiring process.

Improving communication with candidates has other benefits. Great applicants who were unsuccessful in the selection process will be more inclined to reapply or refer other individuals to apply if you give them a positive experience.

Specify Your Search Criteria

Not knowing what you’re searching for is one of the biggest obstacles to making a fast hiring process. The employment process is prolonged by too much back and forth between recruiters and hiring managers to understand the necessity.

For each job posting, specify your prerequisites and your ‘nice-to-haves’ to avoid this. Identify the knowledge, skills, and talents the ideal applicant would bring to the open position. You can benchmark what you require by evaluating high-performing candidates for the position. In order to compare candidates to the profile of your ideal employee, think about adopting accurate, fair, and valid assessments during the hiring process.


The above blog discusses the importance of the organization’s seamless and quick hiring process. A time-consuming and complicated hiring process burns expenses and wastes time for organizations and recruiters. So, making a skill gap analysis before hiring and automating the hiring process can save precious time for your organization.

Yaksha provides you with the best platform to perform skill analysis. They offer you seamless integration with the major LMS and ATS platforms. It is the one-stop solution for all your hiring-related issues.

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