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Why My AC Temperature is Not Going Down?

Homeowners willingly spend a significant amount of money on air conditioner installation for protection from the sweltering heat of the summer. Summer comfort is essential for the smooth running of daily activities. As there is a spectrum of air conditioning problems, an air conditioner not cooling is one of the most problematic and frustrating. There can be several reasons. Understanding some of the most common ones and consulting experts can prepare for future problems. An HVAC company in Sacramento can troubleshoot your air conditioner to get it running smoothly again.

Here Are The Possible Reasons Behind This Problem

Check the Thermostat

When there is a problem with your thermostat, it can lead to problems with your AC’s overall functioning. Sometimes, someone switches the thermostat from Automatic to Fan. Make sure your thermostat is set to cool and not set to heat.

Clogged Filters

If it has been more than a couple of months since you have done filter replacement in your AC system, you may be experiencing restricted airflow. Filters clogged with animal hair and dust cause several problems. It restricts the AC system from drawing in sufficient air, and as a result, only a wimpy flow of air comes out. The best way to avoid issues with clogged filters is to clean them regularly and change them when required.


If dry leaves and debris are scattered around the compressor unit, it may not be able to draw in sufficient air. To ensure its smooth functioning, find the compressor unit hidden on the side or back of the house where it will not draw attention. Also, check for compressor damage because minor damage can affect the entire system’s capacity to cool indoor air effectively.

Dirty Coils

Dirty coils affect the cooling system. Condenser coils are found in the outside compressor unit of a standard air conditioner, and evaporator coils are placed next to the indoor blower unit. Cold air output may diminish if one of the coil sets is clogged with debris and mold. To clean the coils, remove the metal enclosures that protect them.


The ductwork on your air conditioning unit plays an important role in balancing your house’s temperatures. Even a small hole in the ductwork might allow all your cool air to escape before it enters your home. You can check the AC ducts in the attic. Sometimes, warm air can travel into your ductwork, leading to an increase in indoor temperature. Calling experts for air conditioning service in Sacramento is an ideal solution.


You must take precautionary measures to limit the heat that your home attracts, such as insulating your home. When an AC unit is not blowing cold air, many potential causes can turn serious. Consulting with the best people ensures a permanent solution. With routine maintenance, your system will last longer, operate more effectively, and ultimately bring low energy costs.

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