8 Facts That Proves Riddler is the Best Ever Villain in Batman Movies

 As twisted as its famous question mark, Riddler is an exceptional character with a huge fan base. The fictional media has given this character the title of ‘criminal mastermind’ and it’s for all the right reasons. The character is well-known for its mind games, so the name ‘Riddler’ perfectly fits the character.
You must have heard a lot about the character, but there are some facts that you might not be aware of. Don’t worry, this post will cover all of them, so keep reading!

Riddler Works under Wayne Industries

Working so close to Batman is definitely not every villain’s cup of tea, but Riddler is unique and special in its own way. The entire journey of the character shows that Riddler was working right under the nose of Batman regardless of the job title.
Even though he was working in the danger zone, it’s exceptional for a villain to come out this perfect.

Riddler Is an Expert at Everything

Do you know what makes Riddler the best villain in the history of villains? It’s his brain’s capacity to do everything with ease and perfection.
The Riddler has worked as a toy mascot, technician, private investigator, game designer, consulting detective, scientist, and codebreaker. The character is versatile and tremendously fluent in this criminal mindset because he has spent his life learning all the tricks from different careers.
Riddler is not like any villain, he’s a self-made villain that’s might come as a surprise to a lot of people.


Riddler Is Never in Haste

Another unique attribute that you should know about the Riddler is that he’s never in haste. He takes his time, watches his aim, assesses it, and then attacks. Unlike other villains, Riddler is not basic and uses his strengths to the best.
Riddler is not the one who just goes with his schemes as soon as they come to his mind, which makes him a special villain. He’s in the game for a long time, which is why he never misses his chance.
You will see him playing some senseless moves, causing useless distractions, but it all comes down to achieving his goals. If you’re also confused because of Riddler’s plots, then just wait for the end. You will be surprised how everything turns out to be great in the end!

Riddler’s Costume Is the Most Hyped One

If you look at the new Riddler’s dress, you will instantly feel the intensity of his crimes in your body. The costume reeks of a sadistic look that describes Riddler in the best possible way.
Most Hyped One

The dress is famous among all Batman lovers for the same reason because it connects so accurately with the character. A lot of people are going crazy after this riddler jacket and if you want to get it at $139 for yourself, then you can shop for it from TheLeatherCity.com pretty easily.
It’s one of the most intriguing and mind-blowing designs that you can shop for yourself. This jacket gives you an edge and makes you feel powerful within it (just like the Riddler).

Riddler Is His Own Biggest Enemy

Most of the time, Riddler does not fall because of Batman, but because of himself!
It’s safe to say that Riddler is his own biggest enemy. Even though Batman is one of the greatest heroes of DC, even he falls into his trap every now and then.
Riddler’s biggest flex is that he wants to be the smartest in the room and that’s what makes him lose at times. Although this character is a special one, to win from Batman, he has to learn a lot of things.

Riddler’s Dress Is One of a Kind

Riddler is the one who deduced Batman’s identity and only he is the one character who retains this information. He soon realized that Bruce Wayne is, indeed, the famous Batman, but due to some issues with the plot, Riddler had to keep the information for himself only.
As intriguing as it sounds, it’s still a win for Riddler for finding out such crucial information. Riddler is too smart to throw away this amazing movie, so keeping the information to himself is the best he can do!

Riddler Has Got His Own Money

Unlike other criminals, Riddler has got his own money. Even if he decides to stop hacking people’s bank accounts or opt for robberies, he was still hired for awesome jobs with great pay.

Riddler sees crime as an art and then he’s forced to plan ahead out of habit. If he needs money, he can get it without any hassle. All his moves are focused on achieving power and becoming the person with the best intellect. He’s not after the material gains and likes to show how dangerous he is to the world.
He’s not committing crimes for desperation, necessity, greed, or impatience, which makes him the most deadly criminal and foe of Batman of all times!

Riddler’s Not Just One Type of Villain

Not all villains have to be boring and the Riddler has set an example for it. He’s not just a serious villain who is always planning for the worst (although, it’s true), but Riddler can be a comic or might leave you questioning his morals. He can be creepy too – in short, there’s one Riddler for each occasion.
This tech-savvy villain is definitely one of the best villains you will find in the industry. It will leave you wanting more!
Like his famous self-praise, “I’m smarter than you are” – the character will definitely stun you in every moment!


Riddler is the most famous villain of all time. It’s hard to get chills from a villain that you don’t personally know, but Riddler’s performance has left everyone speechless. There’s more to the character than you can ever think of, so be prepared for what’s coming next. It’s because of the impact that the character has on people that people are rigorously buying Riddler’s look and adorning it on special occasions!

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