Seven Home Plants that Bring Good Luck to Your Spaces

Whether it’s our home or office, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by positive vibes? Decorating spaces with indoor plants is a great idea to improve the atmosphere around and connect with divinity. Vastu experts say that keeping plants helps absorb carbon dioxide and detoxifies the environment. Thrilled to know the benefits of indoor plants and want to buy one?

Brace yourself! Here we bring a list of the best seven indoor plants. You can easily search for money plants, bamboo plants, and bonsai plants online and order them with just a click of a button.

Let’s Deep Dive into their Details and Untap their Specialty

1. Bonsai plant: Bonsai plant is the Japanese art of growing miniature trees in pots. It has the ability to draw life energies into a room and spread joy and contentment to every person whomsoever will look at it. Since this plant can live for decades, therefore, it can be your lifelong companion who can balance your space in the most perfect way, asking for nothing but a drop of love and attention. However, if you want to add more charm to your spaces, then go for a bonsai flower plant. Its exotic presence can transform the barren corners with sanctity.

2. Money plant: One of the most easily available and aesthetically looking plants – The money plant can be your best pick to enhance your decor and filter polluted air by removing toxins and spreading fresh air to breathe. It doesn’t demand high investment but can thrive for a good long time. So, go for it and add optimism to your place. You can decorate this enchanting plant in front yards, balconies, kitchens,s, and even terraces.

3. Bamboo plant: Spread a divine aura around you by dazzling the empty corner of your house or office with bamboo plants. They are believed to bring good luck and protect people against evil powers. Feng Shui experts say that it should be placed in the East to reap health benefits in the long term. But, it can also shower good luck in the context of prosperity if placed in the South East as it is the direction of money and wealth.

4. Aloevera plant: Looking for a plant that is known for its purity, can be used for decorative purposes, and possess medicinal value as well? Set both your eyes on the Aloevera plant. From Vastu’s point of view, Aloevera plant must be kept in the living room to attract optimism and as far as its health benefits are concerned, this evergreen plant with low water and caring needs is a boon to boost your overall well-being. Its soothing and cooling properties treat burns. It can also be consumed in the form of juice to cure stomach ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome. Not only this, but it also contributes a lot to your oral health. They are fairly easy to grow, provided they have enough sunlight and warmth.

5. Snake plant: Here we have come up with another beautiful plant – the Snake plant that is native to South Africa. According to Feng Shui, the Snake plant has the highest element of ‘Fire’. This helps you develop more courage and improve your decision-making capabilities. It must be kept in the SouthEast corners of the room to improve your ability to concentrate and stay productive.

6. Jade plant: Known as a good luck tree, and friendship tree, the Jade plant is one of the most recommended plants in the World of Feng Shui. It has a thick, evergreen leaver with star-shaped pink or white flowers that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is also one of the top choices to be used as a wedding or a birthday gift. It can also be gifted to a couple who have just shifted to a new house as it symbolizes good fortune.

7. Basil (Tulsi) plant: North and Northeast directions are the best options for the Tulsi plant. It has the ability to absorb bad energy and provide mental tranquility to you. According to Vastu Shastra, couples should offer water to this holy plant together and experience blissful marriage.

Good health is not just about being physically fit. Our environment also affects our health. Choosing the right houseplant can make a big difference in your mood, improve sleep quality and make you feel energetic. We hope that our research and knowledge would help you break the monotony of your mundane life and would bring a magical effect to your world.

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