Statistical Studies of the Financial side of the used Machinery Market

Limit of Indemnity

The indemnity limit is the highest amount of money the insurer can provide you for a single claim. The exact limit must be specified in the insurance contract. It can vary depending on the conditions listed in your contract.

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First of all, we should understand the possible range of the limit of indemnity. Unless specified by law, the limit of indemnity for a single claim can vary from 1,050,000 to 5,240,000 depending on the type of damage and costs. Usually, the number of persons injured or killed doesn’t affect the limit of indemnity.

If the limit of indemnity makes it impossible for injured parties to cover up their damage, then the indemnity will be reduced for each of them equally.

Use of Private Car for Business Travel Case

Suppose an employee uses his private car for business trips with the permission of his employer, which is also the case for entrepreneurs. In that case, he is entitled to reimbursement for each kilometer driven. The car must not be rented, borrowed, or contributed to the company’s property.

Rights and Obligations of the Insured

The Insured is obliged to Notify the Insurer in Writing of the Occurrence of a Claim

  1. within 15 days after its occurrence;
  2. within 30 days after its occurrence.

However, these time limits may be extended if specified in the general insurance conditions. After notification of the claim, the insured should follow the insurer’s instructions and submit the documents requested by the insurer within the agreed time limit.

  • The insured should notify the insurer in writing immediately after the claim for compensation has been made against him. He also should express his opinion on whether the amount of compensation seems valid and the overall claim is legitimate. 
  • If there is criminal prosecution or an offense proceeding has been initiated in connection with the claim, the insurer must be informed of its progress and possible outcome. 
  • If the insured has a lawyer or any other legal representative, he should tell the name, surname, and permanent residence of the legal representative or his business name and registered office to the insurer.
  • When the right to compensation has been fully exercised, the insured should follow the special instructions.

It is possible that the injured party may require some additional information to claim compensation. In such a case, the insured should give, without delays, all the necessary data to the injured party. In particular, he should give the following information:

  1. the name, surname, and permanent residence of the insured or his/her business name and registered office;
  2. the business name and registered office of the insurer with whom the liability insurance has been taken out;
  3. the number of the insurance contract.

The insured has the right to ask the insurer about the liability claims history for the entire contractual relationship period. However, it should be more than five years of the contractual relationship with this insured person. The insurer must give the document with all the necessary information within 15 days after the request has been made.

As Abroad

If an insurance contract is concluded, the liability insurance shall be valid for the duration of that insurance in the territory of all Member States. Liability insurance is also will operate on the territory of those countries in which the insurer has indicated it in the green card.

What Determines the Price of Compulsory Insurance?

The price of statutory insurance is influenced by a number of factors, including the so-called segmentation criteria. These include the following:

  • the age of the driver; 
  • place of residence;
  • the power and volume of the vehicle; 
  • the number of years the owner has driven the car without an accident; 
  • the age and weight of the vehicle, and others.

Of course, various discounts and bonuses also affect the price, for example, the discount resulting from taking out compulsory insurance online. You can find the price list on the websites of the individual insurers.

What is the Emission Limit for Cars?

A greener attitude and greater protection of the environment also apply to motor vehicles, where the emphasis is on reducing emissions. The so-called particulate filter, which every vehicle must have, serves this purpose. If the filter is clogged, malfunctioning, or even missing altogether, the result is dense smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Stricter rules make sense. According to expert studies, a single car without a working particulate filter produces as many emissions as dozens of cars with a functional filter. The pollutants that vehicles emit into the air every day contain cancer-causing and genotoxic substances.

From the Police Check Straight to the MOT

The rising interest of customers in used cars is confirmed by the trend of recent years when roughly the same number of new and used vehicles are registered in our country every year. And how old is the best car to invest in?

The powers of police officers have changed as a result of stricter rules. If a police patrol finds that a car is not within the legal emission limits during a random roadside check, it can immediately send the non-compliant car for a technical inspection up to 8 kilometers away. In addition to measuring emissions, the inspection also includes a visual check of the exhaust system for completeness. 

In Addition to Emissions, the Engine’s Smokiness is also Checked

However, a vehicle can still meet the emission limits even if the particulate filter is malfunctioning, clogged, or even missing altogether. For these cases, the so-called engine smoke limit value, which has been set at 0.25 m-1, is also measured. Failure to reach this value is a sign of a bad particulate filter (so-called type B fault).

The owner of such a vehicle must remedy the defect within 30 days of its discovery. Once the defect has been rectified, the vehicle must undergo a repeat roadworthiness test. Should this not be done, the vehicle automatically loses its roadworthiness.

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