When Should You Update Your Wardrobe?

Every now and then, the need to update your wardrobe becomes apparent. It’s easy to overlook when this time comes about, but if you’re interested in staying fashionable, you’ll want to be aware of when it’s time to switch things up in your closet. If you’re not sure when you should be upgrading your look, below is some info on when you should update your wardrobe.

Your Undergarments Are Toast

If you’ve noticed that your undergarments are failing, it’s time to upgrade! If your favorite undergarments are losing their elastic bands, have rips or tears, are worn out, stretched out, or are some combination of the two, you likely need to update your wardrobe, stat! Most people wear their favorite bras and underwear until they’re no longer cutting it, so you should notice the need for these upgrades!

Your Clothes Are Falling Apart

It’s time to build a better wardrobe when your clothes start falling apart. If you’re finding that the outfits you’ve been wearing are starting to deteriorate, have holes in them, are fading in color, etc., it’s time to think about donating your unwanted clothes and replacing them with new ones. Retire old items if you notice oil spills, pasta sauce stains, or other harsh blemishes that won’t come out in the wash.

Your Clothes Are Falling Apart

Seasons Are Changing

You’ll need clothes to stay toasty and warm once the snow falls. If most of the clothes you own are fit for summer, and winter is approaching, you need to update your wardrobe. Make room in your closet for winter items and put your summer clothes away in storage containers.

You can keep your summer clothes contained under your bed until summer comes out again. You can update your wardrobe every season; Fall calls for boots, thick socks, and leggings. Spring calls for pastel prints and boho vibes. Keep your closet organized to make transitioning from one season to the next more convenient.

Your Weight Has Changed 

If your weight has gone up or down, you’ll need clothes that can accommodate these changes in body weight. You should always feel comfortable in your clothes, no matter how you look or where you are on your fitness journey. Be sure to fill your closet with comfortable-fitting clothes that you enjoy wearing so you can look and feel at your best.

You Want A Change

You don’t have to wait for styles to change or for your clothes to fall apart to upgrade your wardrobe. If you’re craving a change, it might be time to update your wardrobe immediately! Consider what you’re looking for in creating a new look or what you want in some new clothes.

Start shopping for new items and consider selling your gently used clothes to consignment shops for extra cash! You can use your money to help pay for your new clothes. Stay style-savvy and money-savvy simultaneously, fashionista!

Styles Are Changing

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you’ll want to update your wardrobe to match the recent trends. You might notice styles start to change pretty drastically. Don’t feel like you have to get rid of your old clothes entirely, but feel free to explore new looks and make room in your closet for these items.

The Bottom Line

There are many situations where wardrobe updates are called for! Consider the situations above and see if your closet situation matches these cases. No matter what your closet looks like, know that you can update your wardrobe whenever you’re craving a change! Have fun exploring new looks and creating new outfits with your clothes.

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