Build a Better Wardrobe with “Unique Graphic Hoodies” for Men

Even though summer is fast approaching, it doesn’t mean that there still won’t be some chilly nights to come. Sweatshirts – hoodies specifically have a universal appeal for men’s wear. While a basic hoodie that comes in various colors is ok, graphic hoodies for men bring it to another level entirely.

Basic Hoodies

Into the AM has a collection of “Basic Hoodies” that come in Black, Charcoal, Gray, or Navy and come in sizes small to 4XL. They’re comfortably warm but breathable, preshrunk stretchy cotton, spandex, and polyester blend material tailored to fit. As their name implies, the “Basic Hoodies” have a drawstring hood. They also have “hidden” side pockets. 

Into the AM also offers a “Lightweight Basic Hoodie” that’s not quite as warm and comes in gray, black, maroon, olive, charcoal, and navy. They’re made of a cotton-polyester blend.

Impact Hoodie

The “Impact Hoodie” is a graphic men’s hoodie with a background representing space, stars, and planets, showing an astronaut doing the typical “superhero landing” on one knee with the fist creating an impact on the moon.

Cosmic Beats Hoodie 

The Cosmic Beats Hoodie is a black men’s graphic hoodie with an old-fashioned tape deck boom box set against the background of space. It has tie-dye-like swirls of fuchsia, neon green, electric yellow, and fluorescent blue representing sound waves coming from the speakers.

High Tide Hoodie

The “High Tide Hoodie” is a gray men’s graphic hoodie with an ocean wave reminiscent of the famous “great wave off Kanagawa” print. In the background, there’s a stylized red moon, seagulls, and a beach, complete with palm trees.

Bourbon Voyage Hoodie

The Bourbon Voyage Hoodie is a charcoal men’s graphic hoodie with a bourbon bottle containing a sailing ship inside. The background showcases a turquoise swirl, planets, and stars representing space.

Red Horizon Hoodie

The Red Horizon Tie-Dye Hoodie is a gray hoodie that turns red at the bottom and towards the hands. It comes only in XS and is 100% polyester.

Congo Hoodie 

The congo hoodie is a black hoodie with the arms, front pocket, and hood, decorated with a rich jungle pattern of orange and fuchsia flowers, green leaves, and blue-green palm fronds.

Moonlit Hoodie 

The moonlit hoodie is a black men’s graphic hoodie with the design of gray and white morning glories across the front and into the hood. The front pocket is black, giving the hoodie contrast to the shirt. 

Mystery Hoodie

The mystery hoodie is the only one where the graphics aren’t shown. It comes in both pullover and zip-up styles.

Want to complete the outfit?  


Into the AM also offers Basic Joggers that come in gray, black, charcoal, and navy. Just like the men’s graphic hoodies, they are made of a preshrunk stretchy cotton, spandex, and polyester blend material, tailored to fit. They come in XS – 4X sizes. They have a “hidden” zipper pocket in the front and are cinched with a drawstring cord.

Basic Lounge Shorts 

Into the AM also offers Basic Lounge Shorts. They come in gray, black, and charcoal. They are made of a preshrunk stretchy cotton, spandex, and polyester blend material like the joggers, above. They have a 7” inseam and come in waist sizes XS – 4X sizes. They have a zippered back pocket. A drawstring cord is used to fasten them securely.

Want a jacket instead?

The website also showcases zip-up hooded windbreakers and “bomber” jackets with side pockets. They are 100% polyester, treated with a water-resistant coating.    




Basic Men’s Hoodies or Graphic Men’s Hoodies


Basic Joggers 


Combo – men’s hoodie and joggers


Congo or Moonlit Hoodie 


Basic Midweight Hoodie


Red Horizon Tie-Dye


Mystery Design (zipper or pullover)


Bomber Jacket or windbreakers



* Plus applicable shipping, handling, & tax  


Care & Instructions

Wash all items on the wash machine’s gentle cycle. Items should be washed in cold water with like colors. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron or dry clean. 

A word about colors and sizing availability

Not all colors or sizes are always available. If you see a product that you would like that’s not available in the color or size you want, let Into the AM know, and they’ll tell you when they get them back in stock.

Shipping & Handling**

United States+

Standard: 5-8 

Expedited: 2-3 

Overnight: 1


Standard: 8-15 

Express: 1-3


Economy: 8-15 

Priority: 1-3

** All numbers are listed in business days

+ Free standard shipping for US orders over $85 

++ Free standard shipping for Canadian orders over $120

Note: Order before noon Pacific Standard Time, Monday – Friday, and Into the AM will ship your order the same day. Afternoon, it will be shipped out the next business day.  


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