4 Common Twitch Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that in 2018, there were around 15 million daily viewers on Twitch? With so many people looking at streams, this is a great opportunity for you to have others come see what you are streaming. We have put together this guide to share some common Twitch marketing mistakes that you want to avoid.

Keep reading to make sure you know how to avoid these common mistakes and become a pro when it comes to marketing with Twitch.

  1. Not Promoting Important Details

The best opportunity you have to promote what is important to you is when people are watching you live. This is why you want to make sure that you remind viewers of what you need them to know. For example, if you want your viewers to follow your Twitter account because that is where you share when you are going live – then tell them to go follow you and the reason.

Keep in mind that you might feel like you are being annoyed because you are repeating yourself but the truth is that people need reminders to take action.

  1. Not Maximizing Followers

Whenever you are streaming live this is the best opportunity you have to grow your community along with your Twitch brand. Do not make the mistake of staying quiet while you are streaming. Take this time to encourage those viewing to follow you and give them an incentive to do so.

For example, you can hold random giveaways or you can give them your schedule and tell them what you will be broadcasting.

  1. Too Much Focus on the Money

Another mistake is focusing too much on the money. While there is nothing wrong with trying to make money from streaming, pushing too hard on your followers or viewers will put them off and can tarnish and ruin your reputation.

The key is to make great content and putting your all into it. Applying this will bring the money without even asking as long as you have the right audience that is grateful and appreciative of what you are putting out there.

  1. Not Engaging

Do not make the mistake of staying quiet and never interacting. Not engaging with your chat or being slow to engage is the best way to get people to leave and not come back. When you want to build a solid community that tells their friends and comes back time and time again, you have to engage and become a real person for everyone following along.

New viewers will leave sooner if they are not greeted or acknowledged.

Ready to Avoid These Twitch Marketing Mistakes?

We hope that now that you have learned some of the most common Twitch marketing mistakes, you can steer clear of these and level up your presence on Twitch.

Did our article come in handy today? Please keep browsing the rest of our gaming section for some of our latest tips and tricks. 

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