Digital Marketing Tips You Cannot Resist to Execute in 2021

Digital marketing has established itself as a powerful tool to conduct online advertising. The evolution of digital marketing does not show signs of slowing anytime soon. Just like any other industry, digital marketing is in a phase of constant development. Innovations in technology and how consumers demand content compels marketers to stay agile and update with marketing trends. If there is anything that 2020 taught marketers, we have to change the methods and strategies to attract customers. We have seen more products and services moving online, and employees have adopted a hybrid or remote working system. Through customer data and analysis, we can expect new digital marketing trends in 2021.

The changes in trends and technology have given us numerous opportunities to shape our digital marketing strategies and creative approach. Here we will share our expertise and give you digital marketing tips marketers cannot resist executing. The list goes as follows:

  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence in Strategies

 A few years back, artificial intelligence was thought of as a dream. However, today we have AI or machine learning as a part of everything, especially in digital marketing. The tip to share here is that marketers need to integrate AI into their strategies and reap the benefits. A perfect example of AI integration in digital marketing is Facebook’s new ad limitation. In addition to limiting the number of ads for advertisers, Facebook has made Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) a mandatory option. CBO automates the budget allocated for ad sets and designed to optimize the advertiser’s budget. This is just one example of AI integration in digital marketing, and we can expect its growth in 2021 and beyond.

  • Optimize Voice Searching

As digital marketing methods continue to innovate themselves, people want results, and they want them fast. Here voice searching comes into play that enables online users to conduct their searches using voice-optimized content. Voice optimization works in the same way as content marketing, in which marketers have to set the content according to keyword difficulty. The difference is that voice search needs verbal phrases to act as queries. FAQs and schemes work best and accurately synchronize with voice search queries to answer common questions and problems. Speed and usability are vital elements in digital marketing that give quick loading and minimum downtime for users.

  • Leverage Social Media More

Marketers need to prepare themselves and dedicate more resources to leverage social media marketing in 2021. During 2020, the budget for social media accounted for 24% of the total marketing budget in the US. Marketers have made customer retention their priority during the ongoing pandemic situation, which will continue in 2021. The pandemic situation has increased the number of people online, including time spent researching brands, products, and businesses. The shift in time spent on mobile and social media has given marketers the ability to leverage social media’s power more than ever. Social media marketers can make a content plan, schedule posts, attract new customers, and drive responses for a minimal budget. If you want better customer retention and better business, adding social media services to the marketing mix is the best choice.

  • Enhance Listings and Local SEO

During the practices of digital marketing, ensure that you have verified local listings on every platform available. The reason for this simple activity is that B2C businesses draw customers on a local level. Here Google My Business comes in handy to provide information on available services and geographical locations. Enhancing listings and local SEO is the critical factor for business owners to leverage many directories’ availability.

One point to keep in mind is to ensure that you have geographically defined business in listings that show in ‘near me’ searches. Google prioritizes relevancy in searches, and it will prove counter-intuitive to limit your business area. By taking this action, you increase your chances of penetrating the marketing in search engines. Updating your listings allows customers to know your hours, offers, promotion, blog release, or other information.

  • Optimize Email Marketing Strategy

An email has become a staple of communication that is not going anywhere. According to studies, more than 80% of marketers have increased their email marketing use for better engagement. Another reason to consider the use of email in marketing efforts is to increase ROI for small businesses. However, such a success is only possible with a carefully crafted email with an engaging message. One of the practical tips to leverage email marketing is to match it with your customer base. For instance, the holiday season is the best time for marketers to entice customers with discount deals or promotions. It makes a customer interested in adding items to the shopping cart and generates better business.

  • Pay Attention to Video Marketing

Video marketing has grown and established itself as a driving force in digital marketing efforts. The trend seems to go beyond and innovate itself in 2021. According to market researches, more than 82% of customer traffic accounts for video-based content in 2021. Live and branded videos have become two of the most popular video marketing trends that entice the audience in exciting ways. The best part about a live video session is that it allows the audience to become a part of the session to engage and comment. They receive immediate answers and the best way to keep them engaged. An expectation is that the live video session will become more than 13% of video traffic in 2021. Hence, it is the best time for marketers to think outside of the box and leverage the strategy.

  • Use Automated Chatbots

Chatbots will continue to be a significant part of 2021 digital marketing strategies. This AI-based technology sends instant messages to visitors and customers without needing the presence of anyone. These bots can work 24/7 without tiring out, irrespective of the time and day. It helps your customers to remain connected even if your business hours have elapsed. Many visitors prefer interacting with chatbots because of instant replay and availability. These virtual assistants provide excellent service to meet expectations and automate repetitive tasks. It helps a business owner focus on other activities while the bots handle customers.

Final Word

Digital marketing in 2021 has improved and has introduced innovative techniques to reach more customers. User engagement has increased due to user demands regarding online presence with better content and promotions. Equipped with the new ideas and the tips mentioned, marketers in 2021 have better chances to reach their targeted audience. Your brand has a better possibility to stand out in the market and gain a competitive advantage in the marketing mix.


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