Top Los Angeles Hair Stylist Jason Hermiz on the Perfect Transition into Fall and Winter

People often transition their hair into darker shades and more subtle hues as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. According to Behind the Chair, some of the most promising hair trends of fall 2021 include curtain bangs, “barely there” layers, and high-volume curls.

One of Los Angeles’ top hairstylists, Jason Hermiz, has some of his own tips for transitioning your hair into a new season. “I like to help my clients really pinpoint what they want so sometimes it’s as simple as explaining how warmer tones reflect light and can feel shinier and more glamorous, whereas cooler blonde tones are definitely ashier and can sometimes look duller or dry,” he says. “This season, I’ve been doing a lot of auburn, golds, warm rich brown tones to really achieve that effortless just-left-the-salon fall look even months after my clients’ appointments.”

Hermiz began his career by completing apprenticeships in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto, but he has since planted roots in Los Angeles. He is one of the lead stylists at Martinez-Samuel Salon in West Hollywood. Although he has a top-tier roster of clients, Hermiz remains charming, humble, and hard-working.

As for other hair tips and tricks, Hermiz says to not shampoo your hair every day.  “It’s good to have a little bit of build-up because it will give you that next-day look. So, I tell a lot of my male clients to shampoo their hair every other day and even if they get it wet, they don’t need to shampoo it,” he said.

Hermiz loves the creativity that hairstyling allows. “I can honestly say it’s my passion,” he explained. For more information on Jason Hermiz or to book an appointment, find Jason on Instagram.


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