25 Things to Know about Brad Pitt

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He’s an actor, a producer, a director, and a very charismatic man. And Brad Pitt has everything

The actor has been at the top of Hollywood for years, and his name has become a synonym for success. He has been in a lot of blockbuster movies and has a lot of fans all over the world.

While his impressive career is the best way to talk about him, the stories and facts we’ll share with you below are what made him the actor we love so much.

  • Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His mother, Jane Etta, worked as a secretary at a high school, and his father, William Alvin Pitt, owned a company that made trucks.
  • Pitt is part English, Cherokee, Seminole, and to a lesser extent German, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, and Irish.
  • In 1982, he went to the University of Missouri, where he planned to study journalism and advertising.
  • Pitt dropped out of college two weeks before he was going to get his diploma. He moved to Los Angeles, where he had to work odd jobs to pay for drama classes.
  • His first job was dancing as a chicken to bring people into an El Pollo Loco restaurant on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard.
  • The Dark Side of the Sun (1988), which was shot in pre-war Yugoslavia during the summer of 1988, was the first movie in which he was the main character. As the film was almost done, a civil war broke out in the area, and much of the footage was lost. All the lost items were found in 1996, after five years of searching.
  • For her part in A River Runs Through It, she had to learn how to fly (1992).
  • He turned down a part as an astronaut in Apollo 13 (1995) so he could be in Se7en (1995).
  • He broke his arm while making the movie Se7en ( 1995 ). The injury was part of the movie.
  • He was considered for the parts of Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow (1999) and Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but they went to Johnny Depp instead (2005). Tim Burton was in charge of both.
  • He was in the running for the lead role in The Matrix (1999), but Keanu Reeves got it.
    He tore his Achilles tendon while acting in the 2004 play Troy, in which he played Achilles. Ocean’s Twelve (2004) couldn’t be made until April 2004 because of his injury (2003).
  • For the 2004 movie Troya, he worked out and put on more than 9 kg of muscle.
    He likes Jackass a lot ( 2000 ). During one of his tricks, he even asked the cast if he could join them. Pitt showed up dressed as an ape so that they wouldn’t recognize him and ruin the joke.
  • He was “taken hostage” by the team in the last episode of Jackass, which aired in 2000.


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