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Top 20 Things a Step-parent Should Never Do

Things a step-parent should never do

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A step-parent enters a child’s life to become a nurturing adult figure. Others act more as friends, while others attempt to impose themselves into a step-parenting role that the children are unprepared for.

The relationship will require time to develop naturally and progressively. Children have an innate ability to discern when someone is being inauthentic or dishonest with them. It is possible to develop a close relationship with stepchildren, though you must accept that it will not be identical to the bond between their birth parents.

Being a stepparent may be a blessing and a curse. Are you want to be a good stepparent? Learn about what things a step-parent should never do.

What is Step-parenting?


A stepparent is a person who marries or cohabitates with a child’s parent but is not the child’s biological or legal parent. Becoming a stepparent does not confer legal parenthood if you do not legally adopt your stepchildren.

In a stepfamily, neither the partners’ relationship with the children nor their participation in the parenting process are equal. Consequently, stepparents are frequently confronted with obstacles such as adjusting to the existing family culture and coping with tension from other parents and children.

Similarly, stepchildren encounter obstacles such as accepting someone new in a parental role and possibly believing that the new stepparent is attempting to replace their biological parent. These dynamics establish a network of boundaries that stepparents would be wise to respect.

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Things a Step-parent Should Never Do

Step-parents must observe the norms of step-parenting, which include things a step-parent should never do to cause conflict in the family.

1. Never Speak ill of the Ex-spouse

Any sentiments, opinions, or emotions towards the other parent must be kept silent in front of the child. The child must understand that he or she is free to love both parents without judgment or repercussions. Honestly, it is not your position to interfere with interactions between exes.

2. Try to Be a Replacement Parent

The stepparent is not responsible for assuming the absent parent’s role. The stepparent must establish their family identity and relationships with the children.

3. Implementing too Many New Changes

This is one of the most useful pieces of step-parenting advice, particularly when the divorce, separation, or death is still quite recent. The children will be accustomed to certain behavior from their biological parents. If you attempt to impose your way of doing things on them too quickly, they may develop step-parenting issues with you because they will perceive you as a dictator intent on imposing their will. As they grow closer to you, giving them time and progressively convincing them to accept and respect your way of doing things is best.

4. Don’t Come on too Strong

Many stepparents try too hard to get along with their children right away. Even though they mean well, many stepparents try to buy their stepchild’s love by giving them many gifts or being the coolest parent. Kids can easily see through it. Be honest and true to yourself. You’ll have a better chance of getting closer to the person you want to be close to.

5. Avoid Playing Favourites

Stepparents who have their kids should not favor their kids over the original kids. Even though you’ll always have a special bond with your children, there’s no reason to rub it in the faces of your stepchildren.

They know already. Making it clearer can make it harder to get along with the other parent and make the kids dislike each other.

6. Take it Personally

Your stepchildren experiencing difficulty adjusting to their new family situation is typical. If a divorce results in the separation of their primary parents, it may take time for them to embrace it. Consider their emotions and concentrate on empathizing.

7. Trying to Impress the Children by Changing Yourself

No laws prohibit stepparents from attempting to alter themselves to appear more accommodating and accepting to their stepchildren, but it is important not to go overboard.

Changing who you are to please another person almost always backfires, as your true self will eventually emerge and threaten the stability of whatever you’ve constructed on your false persona. To make a marriage work with stepchildren, you must be as close to your true self as possible. Otherwise, you would have to conceal who you are continually. There is also a possibility that the stepchildren will eventually embrace you for who you are.

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8. Don’t Make Comparisons Or Disrespect Biological Parents

Regardless of the tension between your partner and their ex-spouse or co-parenting partner, you should never disparage them or compare yourself and them in front of your stepchildren.

Not only will this create tension between you and the children, but it will also introduce unneeded drama into the home.

If you ever need to discuss discipline or parenting styles directly with your stepchildren (which should always be done with respect), be sure to do so out of earshot of any other adults who may be present. This helps family members maintain respect for one another’s duties.

9. Never try to Take the Place of Your Stepchild’s Biological Parent

You cannot and should not attempt to replace the other biological parent, regardless of the reason for the new marriage: divorce or mortality. These are not your children.

Respect the biological ex-spouse’s desire to be admired, regardless of his or her actions. It is irrelevant whether your stepchildren call you “Mom” or “Dad.”

10. Avoid Engaging with the Children

If you maintain your distance from the children, they will continue to view you as an outsider if you do not interact with them. Be willing to invest the time necessary to get to know each child individually. Pay attention to what they care about, appreciate doing, and feel about family changes. Offer to attend their education or extracurricular activities with them.

11. Take Charge of Calling the Shots

Although parents are at the summit of the family hierarchy, stepparents must allow their partners to take the lead with their children. By attempting to take charge and make decisions early on, you are likely to fail.

12. Never Overstep Your Boundaries

Stepparents must remember that they are primarily support figures for their spouse’s children, not disciplinarians or parents.

It is important not to disregard parental boundaries nor exert too much authority; instead, spend time getting to know each child before assuming a parental role to establish trust before attempting disciplinary action if it becomes necessary.

13. Tolerate Bullying or Rudeness

When poor behavior is tolerated at the beginning of a relationship, it can be challenging to stop it later. Although children may not accept their new stepparent immediately, stepparents and the children’s biological parent should immediately stop bullying and rudeness. Establish distinct guidelines for how each family member should be treated.

14. Don’t set Your Expectations too High

This is particularly crucial for stepparents who already have their offspring. You may believe you can integrate into a new family with the same interactions, emotions, and bonds you have with your biological offspring. New stepparents often overlook that they have a history with their biological children that they do not share with their stepchildren. Allow your ‘new family’ time to develop its unique dynamic without imposing your expectations.

15. Pick Favourites 

Consider reminding them that you adore them equally and want each to be a part of your life regarding stepsibling rivalry. Favoritism and prejudice must be avoided.

16. Undervalue Communication

Good communication is as important to healthy relationships as establishing clear boundaries. If necessary, be willing to have difficult conversations with your companion. Be accessible and receptive to conversations with your stepchildren. Having weekly “family meetings” and making it safe for everyone to express their concerns respectfully can ensure that minor issues are addressed before they become major.

17. Interfere with the Family Structure

Stepparents should not interfere with the relationships between children and their biological parents. Consider assisting them in resolving their conflicts through positive means, such as assuring them that everything will be okay, rather than attempting to divide them.

18. Leaving the Child Out

Depending on custody arrangements, you may only see your stepchildren on occasion. If this is the case, you should avoid discussing your activities with your spouse (their parent) or your children during their absence. Chances are, they already feel excluded from several activities due to their constant relocation; the best you can do is not dig it in. You can also better the situation by requesting that your spouse invite your stepchildren when you are doing something enjoyable if it is not their turn to be with your family according to custody agreements.

19. Never Go Against Your Partner’s Desires

If your stepchild’s mother has prohibited her daughter from coloring her hair, wearing midriff-baring apparel, or dating until she is 16, you are not responsible for disobeying her.

There are no ex-parents to take into account, only ex-spouses. Even though you and your new spouse are no longer married, your ex-spouse has a say in the upbringing of their children.

20. Pressure Your Partner to Put You First

Children frequently fear that their parent’s love for a new companion will result in less affection for them. “This fear may cause children to behave with anger and resentment that seems unjustified,” explains Dr Pedro-Carroll.

Problems can arise in the family and between partners if a stepparent fails to recognize the need for a child to maintain a close relationship with their parent.

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How to Be a Good Stepparent?

How to Be a Good Stepparent

Every family is unique, as are all stepparent-child relationships. Nevertheless, there are fundamental relationship practices that pertain to the majority of blended dynamics. Exercising forbearance, fostering mutual respect, and communicating frequently is essential to healthy relationships. These should be foremost in the minds of stepparents and their new spouses as they collaborate to ensure the success of their newly blended family.

Here are some specific tips for being an effective step-parent:

Keep your expectations in check: Be realistic about what you expect to occur and how quickly. Realistic expectations make setbacks simpler to overcome and successes more satisfying.

Take your time settling into your new role: As you become a permanent fixture in your stepchildren’s lives, give your relationships with them time to develop. It may take some trial and error to determine what works best for your family, and letting things unfold naturally is more important than attempting to control them.

Always confer with your partner: Keep in mind that your partner has a long-standing relationship with their offspring and that they have the right to weigh in on important decisions. Be patient with your children. Strong relationships don’t form overnight, so be patient as new ones are forged.

Seek outside support: Becoming an “instant parent” to children of any age is difficult; therefore, seeking support from others who have traveled this path can be invaluable. Knowing that others have experienced comparable difficulties normalizes your situation.

Remember that every family is unique: Not every new family will assimilate as readily as others or face the same obstacles, but each has its successes.

Expect and reciprocate respect: Many learn the importance of respecting our seniors early. However, a deeper relationship between the stepparent and stepchild requires mutual respect.

Express empathy with your stepchildren: When a child acts out or demonstrates sadness or dread, demonstrate empathy and validate their emotions. Consider their circumstances and respond with compassion and support.

Educate yourself about childhood development: Especially if you lack parental experience, take the time to learn more about the typical behavioral expectations, fears, and developmental stages of your stepchildren. Consider reading books and watching parenting videos to learn effective methods to interact with and comfort children.

Final Words

Being a successful “stepparent” requires patience, understanding, and commitment; following these guidelines will help to ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience establishing enduring relationships within the blended family!

Remember, regardless of the situation, you should always maintain open communication between all parties involved and continue to nurture the bond between yourself and your stepsons/daughters so that everyone feels at ease in their new family dynamic.

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