Most Glam Taper Fade Haircuts for Women

Having short hair does not necessarily mean that you should stay with only one hairstyle. There are hairstyles that can only be pulled when one has short hair and come out very well. Among those short hairstyles, one of them is the fades. Taper fade haircuts were originally a men’s hairstyle where clippers are used to cut the hair on the sides and left to grow at the center. Not all fades go with all shapes of the face but having a variety to choose from is actually the first step to getting a perfect fade.

There are various fades, ranging from the ones using traditional hues to the ones with modernized colors. The addition of color and regular recoloring ensures that the hair is kept attractive and is key in highlighting your short hair. Taper fade haircuts come in varieties and some of the most common types of taper fade include the following.

1. Textured Fade

Curls are essential in this type of fade. Using rollers and a lot of heat but being careful enough not to damage the hair creates the best curls and helps to keep the right hair texture. Fluffing the hair ensures that the structure is created and finally spraying it ensures it remains attractive.

2. Orange Side Part

This works best if you have short hair and the orange hue helps to highlight the features of your short hair. Conditioning the hair regularly makes the hair look even more attractive.

3. Two-Toned Taper Fade

You can try two colors at the same time can help improve your creativity. According to Glaminati, singing shampoo often will help to incorporate the color even better.

4. Ice Cube Fade

This taper fade is one of the best but it requires bleaching to be done and after that and then heated for the perfect color to be achieved. This fade however requires regular heating and moisturizing to keep the hair healthy.

5. Neon Pink Fade

This is similar in color to cotton candy and allows you to stand out, as the color is bright and very attractive. It comes out perfectly for short hairs. The hue may come in several shades for you to choose what interests you.

6. Geometrical Fade

Curls are made on the hair at the top of the head and a face-framing cut is made on the side to create the perfect mix. The curls do not have to be redone every day but can be instead pinned down all night.

7. Coils Fade

Curls especially long ones might not seem to be a good match with fades. Matching the curls and fades can look good but only if the curls are wrapped around them at night to hold them into position.

8. Ginger Fade

Ginger taper fade color works out perfectly if the hair is rolled into coils or curls. The curls can be made by twisting, using fingers, or even washing with shampoo. Redoing the curls requires a leave-in conditioner paired with hair spray.

9. Blonde Fade

Having a fade does not necessarily mean that you shave and cut off all of your hair. This fade is majorly made of curls whereby the whole head is coiled into waves and then colored with a traditional taper fade. The curls need regular moisturizing and setting to keep them in the desired position.

10. Dreads Fade

What about complementing your taper fade with dreads? Adding a little fade to your long dreads adds more beauty and is actually easy to maintain as the locks and fade can be both done at the same time saving on costs and time. The fade is added on the sides and back.

11. Fuchsia Fade

This shade is very favorable it goes with all skin tones and can work for any hair texture. This kind of fade however requires aftercare maintenance for the color requires regular bleaching for better results.

12. Auburn Fade

This style is all about playing with geometric shapes using color on your hair. Adding designs to color not only makes the taper fade unique but also classic. Auburn fade however requires regular maintenance because the shapes need to be styled as the hair continues to grow.

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