Steve Harvey Net Worth: A Look into the Comedian’s Finances

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Do you ever imagine Steve Harvey’s net worth has an estimated total of $200 Million as of 2023? He is a TV host, actor, writer, director, and comedian from the United States. Steve Harvey can make up to $100,000 per show, making him one of the best-paid people in the business. Know every detail of Steve Harvey net worth in this article.

Steve Harvey started the entertainment company “Steve Harvey Global”, home to his production company East 112 and several other businesses. Steve Harvey also runs the Miss Universe Competition.

Steve Harvey has shown his business acumen by making more and more money over the past two decades. Steve Harvey’s net worth has grown by 1200% in the last 10 years should tell you how good he is at managing money. Steve Harvey also makes a lot of money by hosting TV shows and other events, like Miss Universe and other shows.

Steve Harvey Biography

Steve Harvey is a very interesting guy, and his life has taken a lot of interesting turns. Harvey was born in 1957 in Welch, West Virginia. He was poor as a child and had to work hard to make ends meet. After dropping out of college, he had several odd jobs before he found his calling as a stand-up comedian.

Full Name

Broderick Stephen Harvey

Nick Name

Steve Harvey



Birth Date

Jan 17, 1957

Birth Place

Welch, West Virginia, U.S.


66 years old

Marital Status



Marjorie Bridges-Woods (m. 2007), Mary Lee Harvey (m. 1996–2005), Marcia Harvey (m. 1980–1994)


Wynton Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Karli Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr.






Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Radio personality, Author, TV Personality, Television producer

Steve Harvey’s Net Worth

Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. In the 1980s, Steve Harvey first became known all over the country as a stand-up comedian. From 1996 to 2002, he was the star of the WB sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show,” which had 122 episodes over six seasons. Steve was also one of the people who made the show. 

Today, Steve is known for hosting the nationally syndicated radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” and the hit game shows “Family Feud” and “Celebrity Family Feud.” Steve makes about $40 million a year, $10 million of which comes from “Family Feud” and $20 million from his salary as a radio host.

Net Worth:

$200 Million

Source of Wealth:

Comedy, Acting, Writing, TV

Monthly Salary:

$3 Million

Annual Income:

$45 Million

Country of Origin:

United State of America

Last Updated:


Steve Harvey’s Career

Steve Harvey Net Worth
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After four years of performing stand-up comedy on small stages, he achieved triumph by reaching the 1989 Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search finals. In 1993, he became the presenter of Showtime at the Apollo, a position he held until 2000.

Steve Harvey had his sitcom on the WB Network from 1996 to 2002 titled The Steve Harvey Show. This show cemented his rapport with Cedric, the Entertainer, who joined him on the Kings of Comedy Tour alongside Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley. The tour became the most profitable comedy tour in the United States.

Harvey’s other endeavors include his daily talk radio program, the Steve Harvey Morning Show, his roles in films such as You Got Served, and many relationship advice books. He became the presenter of Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud most recently.

Harvey is now one of the world’s wealthiest comedians, alongside Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Matt Groening. Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated at $200 million in 2023, a far cry from his humble beginnings in West Virginia.

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Income Sources

Steve Harvey is not only a funny guy, but also a very rich man. Steve Harvey net worth is $200 million right now. So, it’s clear that all of his business efforts have been successful. Harvey has made a lot of money from making TV shows, hosting radio shows, and even making his own line of clothes for guys. 

Steve Harvey’s income went up to $45 million per year in 2017 and 2018. Most of that money came from him being the host of the very famous game show “Family Feud.” Also, his job as a radio host brings in an extra $20 million a year. There’s no question that Steve Harvey is not only good at making people laugh but also at running a business. Congratulations to the funny guy who became rich.

Steve Harvey’s Business Ventures

Harvey was also involved in the publication of the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” in 2009. This book was the basis for the film “Think Like a Man,” which was made by a group of actors in 2012. The book was on the New York Times’ top list for 64 weeks when it came out in hardcover. 

He has also written the books “Straight Talk, No Chaser” (2010), “Act Like a Success” (2014), and “Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance” (2016). Also, in 2014, he started the dating site Delightful with IAC. Harvey made the show “Little Big Shots” with Ellen DeGeneres in 2016. He also led the show until 2019.

Harvey put all of his businesses under one name in 2017: Steven Harvey Global (SHG). His production business, East One Twelve, and his daughter Morgan and her husband’s company, Harvey Events, are both parts of SHG. SHG also owns the rights to “Family Feud” versions in other countries. An African version of the show is set to air in 2020. He has kept working on his different business projects through SHG. In 2017, he started the Sand and Soul Festival, which is an annual event with live music, comedy, and a Q&A with Harvey.

Early Life

Steve Harvey was born in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957. His birth name was Broderick Stephen Harvey.

His father was a coal worker, and he was the youngest of five kids. After that, his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he went to high school and finished. After high school, he went back to West Virginia to go to college.

After college, he worked at a number of different jobs, such as selling insurance, delivering mail, and even boxing. Harvey never found his place in the world until 1985, when he began doing stand-up comedy.

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Steve Harvey’s Family, Parents and Siblings

Steve Harvey is the second child of Eloise Harvey and Jesse Harvey, who worked in a coal mine. Steve Harvey’s brother is also named Terry Harvey.

His family lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived. Mr Harvey went to Glenville High School with his brother and sister. After that, Steve Harvey’s brother finished his last class at Kent State University and got his degree.


Jesse Harvey


Eloise Vera Harvey


Brother: Terry Harvey

Personal Life

Harvey has had three marriages. Marjorie Bridges is his present wife. He married her in 2007. He has a total of seven children. Three are from his first marriage, one is from his second, and he adopted Marjorie’s three kids when he married her. He and Marjorie started the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which works to educate and reach out to young people.

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Steve Harvey’s Real Estate Investments 

Real estate was one of Steve Harvey’s first investments. He has possessed several properties over the years. He purchased a Chicago penthouse of 5,500 square feet in 2013 and sold it for $7.7 million in 2018. He also owned a residence in Little Elm, Texas, which was sold in 2020 for an undisclosed amount after being on the market for several years.

In 2020, Steve Harvey purchased the former Atlanta residence of media mogul Tyler Perry for $15 million. Since 2020, real estate values have increased by approximately 40%, resulting in an estimated value of $21 million. 

The sprawling 17 acres may be familiar to fans of the television drama Dynasty, as this home served as the exterior backdrop for exterior views of Carrington Manor. The 34,688-square-foot property includes an infinity pool, numerous guest areas, a fitness centre, a spa, seven bedrooms, and a tennis court, and is equipped with its own backup power generator for off-grid living.

Steve Harvey Car Collection

Steve Harvey recently bought $1 Million USD on a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador. Steve Harvey also owns a Ferrari GTC4 that is worth $850,000 USD. Below is a list of a few more cars that Steve Harvey owns. 

Steve Harvey’s Published Books

Steve Harvey has also written a few books during his long and successful career. “Think Like a Man” (2009) and “Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance” (2010) are two of his best-known books.

Both of these books were made into movies in 2012 and 2014, one after the other. Harvey has not only written books, but he has also made several comedy records.

Some of these include “Don’t Trip… He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” (1997), “Steve Harvey: The Original Kings of Comedy” (2000), and “Steve Harvey… Here Come the Judge” (2008).

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Steve Harvey’s Physical Appearance

Steve’s arms are 16 inches (40.64 cm) long, his chest is 48 inches (121.92 cm) wide, and his waist is 41 inches (104.14 cm) in circumference. Steve’s black eyes are very simple and beautiful. He’s bald. His face is cut in a circle.

Steve Harvey is in a world all his own. He always seems fine, thanks to his good looks. Steve has a shoe size of 11 (US), 46 (EU) or 10.5 (UK).

Body Measurement

Arms-16 inches, ( 40.64 cm)

Chest-48 inches, (121.92 cm)

Waist-41 inches, ( 104.14 cm)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Shoe Size

11 US


6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)


95 kg, (209 lbs)



Steve Harvey’s Social Media Profile






12.2M Followers, 97.8M Likes






453K subscribers



Steve Harvey’s Controversy

Steve Harvey has encountered controversy throughout his career. In August of 2011, Harvey referred to Tavis Smiley and Cornel West as “Uncle Toms” after they criticized President Barack Obama. He later expressed regret for the remark but maintained his opinion of Smiley and West.

Harvey was also criticized for his 2017 meeting with Donald Trump, which occurred after Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Steve defended his decision to attend the meeting by asserting that his actions contribute to the improvement of social media.

Steve’s greatest error occurred in early January 2017. The host claimed that no white or black person would want to date an Asian man as a prank. 

The Asian-American community took offence to these remarks, and politicians in New York City and the author Eddie Huang criticized the comedian for his remarks. Huang remarked that Harvey was fast to call out inequity in the African-American community, but did not see the need to do the same for Asian Americans.

Harvey apologized on Twitter and during his talk program for his transgression. The following was tweeted by the presenter.

“I ain’t been laughing that much over the past few days. They’re kinda beating me up on the internet right now for no reason. But, you know, that’s life, ain’t it?”

“Please accept my sincerest apologies if I have offended anyone, especially members of the Asian community… It was not my intention, and I had no malice or disdain in mind when I used humour.”

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Steve Harvey’s Philanthropy

Steve Harvey is also known for his work with charities. He started the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which gives grants to needy students.

He has also given money to different organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the American Red Cross, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In 2010, Steve Harvey started the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men, which helps young black men improve their skills and self-confidence. The group has mentored more than 1,000 young men so far.

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Final Words

In the 1990s, Steve Harvey became a household name and a role model for many African Americans. He has received numerous honours for his work in comedy, acting, and show hosting (including the Steve Harvey Morning Show and Celebrity Family Feud).

His monthly TV sitcom reinvigorated the WB Network, with millions tuning in. Harvey has shown no signs of slowing down since then, taking on numerous responsibilities at once, and displaying his energy and tenacity. Apart from Steve Harvey net worth, you can read more entertainment articles here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Steve Harvey Net Worth

We are giving answers to some of the commonly asked questions on the net worth of Steve Harvey and other things related to the lifestyle of Steve Harvey. 

How Much Does Steve Harvey Earn from Family Feud?

At least $10 million of his average yearly salary of about $45 million comes from being the host of “Family Feud.” His job as a radio host brings in another $20 million.

How did Steve Harvey get so rich?

Steve Harvey made a lot of money as a TV star and host of game shows. Steve Harvey also thinks it’s important to spend his own money on things that count. He and his third wife, Marjorie Bridges, started a charity called The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. Its main goals are to reach out to and help young people through education and guidance.

What’s Steve Harvey’s annual salary?

According to the news, his annual income is around $45 million. Steve Harvey has amassed a fortune through his various endeavours, and his celebrity status continues to rise year after year, as illustrated below. His hosting on Family Feud generates at least $10 million of his $45 million average yearly pay.

What businesses does Steve Harvey own?

He also invested in the HDNet takeover alongside Anthem Sports and Entertainment and launched an African version of Family Feud. He and his wife, Marjorie, founded The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to children’s education.

Who is the longest-running host on Family Feud?

It aired on ABC and in syndication from 1976 through 1985, with Richard Dawson as the host. The series was relaunched in 1988 and ran on both CBS and in syndication, with Ray Combs hosting until 1994, and Dawson returning until 1995.

Who is the most successful Family Feud host?

Since 2010, Steve Harvey has hosted the game show, sharing his sardonic, bemused sense of humour and wisdom with families and audiences. He’s taken the slings and arrows of dumb inquiries and poor responses.


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