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Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth – From Small Room to Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

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Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketer of all time and a former captain of the Indian national team. Sachin Tendulkar net worth is nearly $170 million as of 2023.

His post-cricket success as a merchant and entrepreneur has led to him being referred to as the “God of Cricket.” From residing in a small room, his extraordinary talents and skills have brought him to this point, where he has built his own empire with many opulent possessions.

Sachin Tendulkar’s business and wealth have reached tremendous heights as they continue to grow exponentially. The growth of net worth is also positive, which stabilizes earnings. 

Sachin Tendulkar Biography 


Sachin Tendulkar

Full Name

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Name in Hindi

सचिन तेंडुलकर

Date of Birth

April 24, 1973

Birth Place



50 years old


Ramesh and Rajni Tendulkar




1.65 m


Anjali Tendulkar

Number of kids


Name of children

Arjun Tendulkar and Sara Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s Early Life

Sachin Tendulkar
Graphics Credit:

Sachin Tendulkar was born to Ramesh and Rajni Tendulkar in Bombay. His mother worked in the insurance industry, while his father was a poet and novelist in Marathi. There are two half-brothers and one half-sister in his family. Sachin Tendulkar concluded his secondary education at Sharadashram Vidyamandir. He was a juvenile prodigy in sports during his academic years and also played club cricket for the Kanga Cricket League.

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Sachin Tendulkar began his career on the domestic level, representing Bombay in the Ranji Trophy, rapidly establishing himself as one of the game’s finest players.

In 1992, he briefly represented Yorkshire, becoming the first player born outside the United Kingdom to do so.

Sachin Tendulkar’s meteoric ascent in the international arena saw him become the World Cup’s leading scorer in 1996 and assume the captaincy the same year.

With a reputation comparable to that of legendary players such as Virat Kohli, he competed in the 2003 Cricket World Cup for the national team in the early 2000s.

In 2012, while competing against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup, his performances on the field during the 2000s and early 2010s led to his 100th international century.

Following his retirement in 2012, his entrepreneurial endeavours saw him establish two world-class venues in Mumbai, competing with some of the most expensive restaurants.

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Sachin Tendulkar’s Career Earnings

Sachin Tendulkar, one of India’s most iconic and renowned cricketers, has earned a substantial income throughout his career.

In recent years, his income has continued to rise as a result of his numerous business ventures undertaken since his retirement.

The following is an estimate of Sachin Tendulkar’s career earnings:

  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 1995 – $4.8 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2001 – $13 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2006 – $29 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2008 – $1.1 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2012 – $18.6 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2013 – $22 million
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s Salary In 2022 – $2.1 million

As long as his business acumen and lucrative agreements continue to generate income, his salary is unlikely to decrease.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

Sachin Tendulkar Career

Sachin Tendulkar net worth is nearly $170 million as of 2023. In addition to his cricket career, he endorses numerous brands, including Pepsi, Reliance Jio, Visa, Britannia, Toshiba, Philips, Coca-Cola, and many others, which contributes to the growth of his net worth. His annual income is generated by television advertising. Promotion for the band, personal investments, and endorsements.

Net Worth:

$170 Million

Monthly Salary:

4 Crore +

Annual Income:

50 Crore +



Country of Origin:


Source of Wealth:

Professional Cricket Player

Last Updated:


Sachin Tendulkar’s Investments

He is the co-owner of the ISL franchise Kerala Blasters and the Premier Badminton League franchise Bengaluru Blasters. In addition, he was the co-owner of the Mumbai franchise in the International Tennis Premier League and the Bengaluru Blasters franchise in the Premier Badminton League.

He also controls two restaurants, Sachin’s and Tendulkar’s, one in Mumbai and the other in Bengaluru.

The anticipated return on his investments in hotels and sporting franchises is 70%. Smaaash Entertainment, a sports-based entertainment corporation sponsored by Tendulkar, recently raised $5 million in investment and is estimated to be worth approximately $100 million.

Additionally, Sachin has funded numerous ventures, including Smartron India, JetSynthesys, Spinny, and S Drive and Sach. In addition, Sachin has founded two companies. Together with Arvind Fashions Limited, he founded the menswear company True Blue in 2016. Then, he and his wife Anjali Tendulkar founded SRT Sports Management, a sports management company.

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Sachin Tendulkar Wife

Sachin Tendulkar’s Spouse Anjali Tendulkar is Sachin Tendulkar’s wife; they wed on May 24, 1995. Arjun Tendulkar, a son, was born to Sara Tendulkar, a daughter. However, legendary cricketer Arjun is also a cricketer. Consequently, Sachin and his family are relishing life considerably more.

Car Collection

Sachin, like the majority of other cricketers, has an opulent vehicle collection. His garage contains a blue Maruti 800, a BMW i8, a BMW 7-Series 760 Li, a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, a BMW M5 Jahre, a BMW X5 M50d, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, a Ferrari 360 Modena, a Fiat Palio S10, a Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG, a Nissan GT-R Egoist, and a Volvo S80.

Sachin Tendulkar’s House

Sachin owns a 6,000-square-foot, three-story mansion in Bandra, Mumbai, India. It was formerly called Dorab Villa before Sachin purchased it for 39 lakhs. The renovated home is estimated to be worth approximately 60 crores and features two cellars, a large terrace, a verdant garden, and a massive garage with space for 50 automobiles.

How Does He Spend His Money?

Sachin Tendulkar has a reputation for associating with some of the wealthiest individuals in India, and his lifestyle reflects this association.

He resides in a palatial mansion in Mumbai with modern utilities and space for up to 50 vehicles in the basement garage.

This comprehensive collection contains some of the most costly automobiles in the world, including a Ferrari 460, a 1900 Daimler, and a number of high-end BMWs.

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Sachin Tendulkar Social Media Appearance

During his playing days, Sachin Tendulkar had a very focused personality and never used social media; however, since his retirement, he has become very active on social media. He frequently posts nostalgic photos from his illustrious career, which sometimes gives admirers the chills. Even his off-field friendship with Virender Sehwag on social media is popular with admirers.

Social Media Platform



32.4 million followers 


36.4 million followers 


37 million followers 

Sachin Tendulkar Achievements 

Sachin Tendulkar’s illustrious cricketing career spanned more than two decades, and he received numerous honours and set numerous records. Among his notable accomplishments are:

  • Sachin Tendulkar has scored the most runs in international cricket with 34,357 (18,426 in One-Day Internationals and 15,922 in Tests).
  • Tendulkar scored 100 international centuries (51 in Tests and 49 in ODIs), more than any other athlete (51 in Tests and 49 in ODIs).
  • Most runs scored in a single Cricket World Cup: In 11 encounters during 2003
  • Cricket World Cup, Sachin scored 673 runs for an average of 61.18. Additionally, he had the greatest individual total in that tournament (152 against Namibia).
  • Sachin Tendulkar scored 2,278 runs in 45 World Cup encounters, which is more than any other player in the tournament’s history.
  • Sachin Tendulkar received the Wisden Cricketer of the Year award in 1997, making him the first Indian to obtain the distinction in 14 years.
  • Sachin Tendulkar was conferred the Bharat Ratna in 2014, India’s highest civilian honour, in recognition of his achievements.

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Sachin Tendulkar Awards

As a renowned competitor who has contributed significantly to national pride, he has received the following national honours:

  • 1994: Awarded the Arjuna Award by the Government of India for his outstanding athletic achievements.
  • 1997 – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, India’s highest award for sporting achievement.
  • 1999: Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian distinction in India.
  • 2001: Awarded the Maharashtra Bhushan Award, the state of Maharashtra’s highest civilian honour.
    Padma Vibhushan, India’s second-highest civilian honour, is conferred in 2008.
  • 2014: Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian distinction in India.

On his life, numerous biographies have been written, and many volumes have been distributed. He has been a role model for adolescents and a source of inspiration for struggling young cricketers.

He has also released the film Sachin: A Billion Dreams, which has received worldwide acclaim and a great deal of support.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Charity

The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation is Sachin’s own platform for philanthropic activity. He has worked with the Ekam Foundation in Mumbai to assist disadvantaged youth. In addition, he had partnered with a number of hospitals, including SRCC Children’s Hospital, Malinda Hospital, and others, to assist the less fortunate members of society and provide them with low-cost medical care.

In addition, he contributed 1 crore for the purchase of oxygen concentrators to treat Covid-19 patients in India and 50 lakhs for the struggle against Covid-19.

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His magnificent 24-year cricket career ended on November 16, 2013, when he announced his retirement. In December 2012, he played his final ODI and in 2013, he played his final Twenty20 match. On November 16, 2013, in his 200th test match against the West Indies, he bid farewell to the cricketing world as a player.

Sachin Tendulkar is without a doubt one of the finest batsmen in the world. His list of achievements is nearly exhaustive. At the age of 16, he became the youngest competitor, and he continued to shatter records and establish new ones until his death. He has inspired countless individuals. He had earned his place in the affections of nearly every person in the world. It is as if the only name that comes to mind and tongue when we discuss cricket is Sachin.

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Unknown Facts About Sachin Tendulkar

  • Initially, Sachin Tendulkar desired to become a Fast Bowler.
  • He served as a ball bearer for the 1987 World Cup.
  • Sachin Tendulkar is fond of Colognes and Watches.
  • Sachin Tendulkar is a massive Lata Mangeshkar devotee.
  • Maruti 800 was Sachin Tendulkar’s first automobile.
  • He was the first player ejected by the third umpire.
  • Boost was Sacha Tendulkar’s first brand endorsement.
  • Sachin utilizes a blade weighing approximately 3.2 kilograms, which is heavier than the average cricket implement.
  • Throughout his academic years, Sachin was a tyrant.
  • Following his retirement from cricket, Sachin Tendulkar joined the cricket advisory committee.
  • Commentating on cricket for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • Sachin Tendulkar also established Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar sports management, a sports management organization.
  • He was also engaged in philanthropic endeavours and contributed a great deal of money to the Covid-19 relief effort in India.


This concludes the comprehensive guide covering Sachin Tendulkar’s professional cricket career, business endeavours, and net worth. Since his retirement from cricket, he has been an active merchant, with numerous investments and enterprises contributing to the growth of his net worth. To ensure that this article reflects the most recent details of his life and wealth, we will be updating it in the near future; therefore, please check back later.

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