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Island Boys Net Worth in 2024 – How They Built 2 Million Wealth?

Island boys net worth

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The Island Boys are 22-year-old identical twin siblings from Florida whose ‘I’m an Island Boy’ song went viral on TikTok. Within a month of their musical success, Island Boys net worth has already reached $2 million. They are memorable because they are funny and know how to get people’s attention on social media.

Their actual names are Frankie and Alex Venegas, but their stage names are Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. It will be fascinating to see if they can maintain their popularity, as they have only recently entered the music industry.

Island Boys Biography

Island Brother consists of identical twin siblings Alex and Franky who were born in Florida, United States, on July 16, 2001. When they were quite young, the twin siblings lost their father to a heart attack. The twins are distinguished by their distinctive tresses, as Alex’s hair is yellow and Franky’s is brown with blond highlights.

Alex has tattoos of writing on his temple and the number 17 on his forehead. However, Franky has a raptor on his forehead. Their stage names, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulj, are well-known.

Full Name

Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas

Popular Name

Island boys



Birth Date

16 July 2001

Birth Place

South Florida, USA


23 years old

Marital Status

In a relationship


Toxiicfaiiry (Alex Venegas)


Alex Venegas has a Daughter






YouTubers, Rappers


Alex- 5ft8 (1.7 m); Franky- 5ft8 (1.7m)


Alex- 60 kg (132 lbs); Franky- 60kg (132 lbs)

Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys’ net worth is estimated at $2 million (approx). Island Boys are American twin siblings whose song “Island Boys” made them Internet sensations. Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas are their given names. Alex conceived Island Boys, and the duo is primarily recognized for their single “Island Boys.”

In 2024, their annual income is one hundred thousand dollars. Their primary source of income comes from TikTok and brands, as well as their YouTube channel, which has over 8 million views and 240,000 subscribers.

Net Worth:

$2 Million

Source of Wealth:

Tiktok, YouTube, NFTs, Merch Sale

Monthly Salary:


Annual Income:


Country of Origin:

United State of America

Last Updated:


Island Boys Career

Island Boys Net Worth
Graphics Credit:

Franky, one of the twin siblings, began his musical career in the year 2020. He was formerly known as redd_4x and has released the tracks “Real Right”, “Smoke”, and “9ine”. In October 2021, Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd released new music titled “I am Island Boy.”

As soon as they uploaded the music to TikTok, it went viral across the web. In the TikTok video, the twins can be seen singing their new song in a bathtub. Following the publication of their TikTok video, the twin brothers have become TikTok celebrities. After the video went viral, the number of their TikTok followers skyrocketed.

Flyysoulja’s official TikTok account has 7.3 million followers as of 2024, while his sibling Kodiyakredd has 1.2 million followers. In addition to their prominence on TikTok, the twin brothers have a YouTube channel called Big Bag Ent where they upload vlogs, audio clips of their songs, and music videos on a regular basis.

They uploaded their viral TikTok video to YouTube on October 15, 2021. Currently, the video has received over 2.1 million views, enhancing its value to $100,000.

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How Island Boys Make Money?

Multiple sources of income have allowed the Island Boys to amass a net worth of $2,000,000 by 2024. They generate income from their large TikTok following, and brands are willing to pay them to promote their products. Kodiyakredd had approximately 1.4 million TikTok followers, while Flyysoulja has 7.3 million.

The musicians publish music videos and vlogs on their YouTube channel (Big Bag Ent). The channel has over 242 thousand subscribers and its videos have over 160 million views, generating consistent revenue. They can earn through YouTube AdSense and will likely earn between $2 and $5 per 1,000 channel views.

The duo is selling shoutouts on Cameo to profit from their notoriety. On the platform, they charge $80 for personal video requests and $300 for corporate bookings. In addition, they launched a merchandise store that sells branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests.

Cameo Appearances

The Island Boys have established a company in Cameo under the name “Shoutouts for Sale.” They use cameo appearances to capitalize on their virtual space fame. On the platform, the duo charges $600 for corporate bookings and $215 for personal video requests.

A dissatisfied employee at one point engaged Franky and Alex to create a Cameo shoutout announcing his resignation to the entire company. Many members of the internet community praised the video as one of the finest uses of a Cameo on Twitter. The departing employee felt his money was utilized effectively.


Spotify is accessible in over 200 countries worldwide. There are slightly more than 433 million users on the website, with 189 million being premium members.

This digital streaming platform enables the American twin brothers to share their art with the world while also earning additional income.

Spotify provides 84,927 monthly subscribers for The Island Boys. Assuming that each of their 1,000 monthly listeners generates $3, they earn an average of $254.78 per month through Spotify alone.


The American twins offer an extensive selection of merchandise for their admirers. There is something for everyone, ranging from colourful decals and posters to fashionable T-shirts.

The Island Boys have launched a merchandise store retailing vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts with their logo. They offer branded T-shirts for $25.99 and sweatshirts for $45.00.

In addition to the aforementioned apparel, the duo also sells home décor items with an island idyll motif. In addition, they offer adventure-inspired gifts.

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Why are they Famous?

South Florida fraternal brothers The Island Boys went viral on TikTok with a song they wrote in the pool. In one of their songs, they explain how they got their name by singing, “Cause I’m an island child, and I’ve been trying to make it. They describe themselves as follows: “Oh yeah, I’m an island boy, and I am simply an island boy.”

The routine was so well received that in December of the following year, a song and music video was created for it. It was a controversial music video, with some fans applauding the lads’ newfound prominence and others being sarcastic and condescending. 

In response to their appearance, they left the set of Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast and engaged in a heated dispute with one of the hosts.

Island Boys’ Family, Parents and Siblings

Alex and Franky Venegas stated in a video posted to social media that their single mother raised them after their father passed away when they were small.

The Venegas siblings were born in the United States to Cuban parents. The twin brothers are very vocal about this and use their platform to promote their Cuban heritage and culture, especially in their music videos.

Island Boys’ Private Life

Frankie and Alex Venegas were born in Florida on July 16, 2001. The parents of the Island Boys are Cuban. The twins were raised by a sole parent after their father passed away from a heart attack in 2007. They both endured a challenging childhood and adolescence and exhibited problematic behaviour.

Their mother attempted to educate them by enrolling them in reputable institutions, but they were disobedient. The twins Venegas committed burglaries and assaults and were detained in multiple juvenile detention facilities. Since their musical careers took off, they have not committed any offences.

While the Venegas brothers do not discuss their dating lives in public, it is evident from several online photos that they both have companions. They have not disclosed the identities of the women they are dating out of respect for their privacy. The twins’ enormous social media success has allowed them to escape their troubled past and live a better existence.

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Island Boys’ Personal Life

The 20-year-old Island Boys have not discussed their relationship status in detail. However, after investigating Flyysoulja, we discovered that he may be dating @toxiicfaiiry on Instagram. On October 14, he posted a photo with @toxiicfaiiry in which he referred to his woman as his soulmate child.

Similarly, Kodiyakredd appears to be currently dating someone. On September 2, 2021, he posted a video of himself dancing with a woman on Instagram. The Instagram video was titled “Get to Know Me”

Island Boys’ Car Collection

The Island Boys adore high-performance vehicles, possibly as a means of demonstrating their wealth. The pair’s purchase of a $72,000 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye exemplifies their preference for luxurious automobiles. This model has 800 horsepower and can accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds.

The Island Boys flaunt their extravagant lifestyle on social media, posting pictures of their expensive automobiles and timepieces.

Car Name

Prices (USD)

Corvette Stingray Convertible


Ford Mustang GT Convertible


Lamborghini Urus


Rolls Royce Wraith


Watches & Jewelry

Since their rise to prominence, the Island Boys have lavished money on ostentatious adornments. One of the Venegas brothers spent $82,000 on a chain, but this was only the beginning of their collection.

Since then, the pair has added to their collection of diamond-encrusted accessories. For example, they purchased an iced-out Audemar Piguet Skeleton watch for $200,000. This AP wristwatch with a steampunk aesthetic has a diamond-covered face and a chain-link bracelet.

They have $300,000 worth of timepieces, including a Santos de Cartier diamond watch worth $25,000. Cartier wristwatches are of superior quality and typically retain their value over time, so if the Island Boys ever decide to sell their Santos, they will likely make a profit. With a net worth of approximately $2 million, it is not surprising that they can invest in luxury brands such as Cartier and AP.

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Island Boys’ Real Estate

The Island Boys reside in a Mediterranean-style home constructed in 2004 in Coral Springs, Florida. The property is rented, has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, and is situated on a 4,900-square-foot lot.

The home has marble and wood flooring, three garages, a kitchen, and a pool area, and is surrounded by trees, grass, and nature as if it were a small island. It was appraised at $1,750,000.

Island Boys’ Physical Appearance


Alex Venegas

Franky Venegas

Eye Color

Light brown


Hair Color




Unique Hairstyles

Unique Hairstyles

Shoe Size




5ft8 (1.7 m)

5ft10 (1.77 m)


60 kg (132 lbs)

60 kg (132 lbs)


Has multiple tattoos

Has multiple tattoos

The Island Boys’ Iconic Hairstyles

Unique hairstyles exist for Island Boy tresses. The unique hairstyles of the island’s siblings are a distinguishing feature. Each has a hairstyle resembling spikes.

Alex’s hair is yellow, whereas Franky’s hair is predominantly brown with blonde highlights. Franky has recently bleached his tresses blonde.

Franky’s application of a white line to his hairline has elicited a great deal of feedback. Franky asserts that he employs a chalk-based barber’s pencil to create his distinctive appearance.

The islanders of 2022 have had their skulls shaved. This marked the end of an era of hairstyles that we will never forget.

The Island Boys Tattoos

Before entering high school, the twins, who were now 20 years old, were innocent adolescents. Their father was absent from the picture, so they were free to pursue their own interests. 

At the age of twelve, Franky already had three tattoos. During a YouTube appearance, he admitted to making errors and then going to a juvenile detention centre.

In addition, during their senior year of high school, the twins went out with students who were covered in tattoos. Therefore, we can conclude that peer pressure drove them to acquire additional facial tattoos. Because of this, they have tattoos on their wrists, necks, faces, and feet.

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Island Boys Social Media Profile

The Island Boys’ online popularity is undeniable, especially on Tiktok. Sadly, Kodiyakredd’s Tiktok account was recently suspended.

Kodiyakredd acquired over 1.2 million followers on his new Tiktok account, reddfourtimes, in just a few months. On the other hand, Flyysoulja’s official Tiktok account has over 7,3 million followers.

The identical twins also have a YouTube channel called Big Bag Ent, where they upload their latest music videos and vlogs. The channel has over 242,000 subscribers as of 2024. Additionally, the duo has a Cameo account where admirers can request personalized videos.







7.3M Followers, 157.3M Likes

1.2M Followers, 17M Likes





Big Bag Ent

242K subscribers


Just in the last year, the two people who make up Tiktok have been in a lot of fights and scandals. They got into a fight with Bryce Hall, another Tiktoker. Even Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg noticed them when they watched their popular Tiktok video on their show “2021 and Done.”

George Janko

The Island Boys generated numerous headlines when they left Logan Paul’s podcast Impulsive. The twins stormed out of the program after getting into a fight with the host of Impulsive, George Janko.

The actor implied that the twins’ rap career would be brief and that they would not be effective rap artists. Fortunately, they have an extensive collection of costly jewellery.

One of the Island Boys responded that they have no need for financial advice from someone who earns less than them. Then, they fled in a rage.

Fans of Impulsive considered The Island Boys’ conduct unprofessional. However, Logan Paul does not appear to share the followers’ sentiments. He concluded that Janko’s behaviour was disrespectful and ultimately dismissed him from the podcast.

Andrew James Thomas

When their childhood acquaintance Andrew James Thomas was suspected of murder, the Venegas twins became embroiled in controversy as well. Thomas hid in the Tiktokers’ residence, prompting the police to conduct a search warrant in order to apprehend the murder suspect.

However, the pair were not involved in any illicit activity. Thomas had just crashed at their residence to avoid the police.

Alex Venegas, also known as Kodiyakredd, was at the arrest site. Once he realized the gravity of the crime his childhood friend had committed, he was so horrified that he actually began to cry.

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By showcasing their talents on social media, the Island Boys from Florida went from Rap hopefuls in and out of prison to bona fide celebrities seemingly overnight. They were able to purchase blinged-out timepieces, among other things, due to their talent and effective use of virtual space. Their estimated net worth of $2 million is a remarkable accomplishment. Remember, however, that nothing you’ve learned will matter if you don’t know how to market and profit from your music. 

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