Soumitra Chatterjee Stable But Still Critical

Veteran Actor Soumitra Chatterjee’s health condition has improved slightly. He looked at her daughter with eyes open. The infection has reduced. The fever didn’t come back. The hemoglobin and platelets in the blood have not reduced. The medical staff is in hope of his stable condition, according to reports of Anandbazar and Eisamay.

Dr. Orindam Kar, a doctor for Belle Vue Clinic, said that the condition of Soumitra has improved slightly. He is responding better than ever. He is opening his eyes automatically and he’s been on dialysis for a day.

Soumitra was yet to regain consciousness. He continued to be on ventilation, according to the doctor.

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On Thursday, the infectious disease specialist examined the actor’s health. If all goes well, his antibiotics and anti-fungal medications will be discontinued in the next few days. The chief medical board of the hospital, Dr. Orindam, said a final decision will be taken on whether the actor will undergo a permanent tracheostomy for long term air movement.

But the doctor told media that they hoped his kidney performance will return to normal soon. The infection is more cured than ever, he said.

According to the doctors, Soumitra Chatterjee or Chattopadhyay has come out of the difficult situation that has been going on for seven days. He was suffering from prostate cancer, COPD, pressure, and, diabetes. He was diagnosed with pneumonia last year. He is recovering.

On September 30, Soumitra went to Bharat Lakshmi Studio in Kolkata’s Tollygunge to shoot a biopic of himself. There were 25 to 30 workers, including the artists, who were present for his shoot.

The Indian legendary actor fell ill while shooting. After the shooting, he was taken home. He has had a fever since October 1. His Coronavirus report came positive on October 5. On October 6, he was admitted to the Belle Vue Clinic.

Soumitra was born on 19 January 1935 in Krishnanagar in the district of Riveria in West Bengal. He studied at Howrah District School, Scottish Church College, City College in Kolkata, and the University of Kolkata. This Aspect of Bengali Film won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award for the highest state honor of Indian film making in 2012.

Besides, there are many awards in the country and abroad. Among them is the Legion of The Nor award in France (2018). He received various awards including national film, music drama academy, Film Fair Award, and the award for his National Film and Music Awards (2004) with the National Honor of India.

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