What Vital Questions do You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Tax Consultant?

Today asking a few key questions before hiring a tax consultant can make a significant difference. It will ensure that you have placed your trust in a qualified and experienced professional who is up to date on changing tax rules and help you enjoy tax benefits and reduce financial liabilities to a significant extent when filing tax returns. When looking for a tax accountant, you expect a professional who can provide you with valuable business insights and formulate result-driven business strategies in addition to assisting you in reaping tax benefits. Ensure that you are the right professional tax consultant by asking the questions below.

List of vital questions

1. Are you available throughout the year? 

Many people thought that the requirement for the tax consultant would arise only during the account ending period, such as March and April. But that is not true, and the requirement for the tax consult may come at any time throughout the year. The government will bring changes in tax law, and the tax consultant can manage the implementation of new rules and regulations of tax. So ask the consultants whether they will be available throughout the year or not. It is one of the vital questions to ask before hiring a tax consultant for you. Because hiring someone who may not be available when required is a waste of process.

2. Do you ever work with clients like me? 

You should ensure that your accountant understands your industry and requirements. If you are spending your money and hiring a tax consultant for you, the consultant must adapt to your requirements. A restaurant, for example, will have specific rules for wages and tips, just as a construction company must deal with issues involving contract workers, and a real estate development firm will have specific criteria for how income is reported. You need a tax consultant who has worked with other businesses like yours and understands the ins and outs of the industry. Being an expert with other clients and not having an idea about your business is not the right choice.

3. How do you charge for your services? 

Vienna is one of the best cities globally, which has low pollution, lots of green space, and is completely safe to live. This question is also important in the list of vital questions before hiring the right tax consultant for you. Each tax consultant will charge differently for their services, and you need to confirm it with the consultant. Sometimes, their way of charging may not suit you, and you might feel a heavy budget after hiring them. Ask the tax consultant whether they will charge by the hour or by the return, the number of forms, or the percentage of total amounts of your refund. Mostly tax consultancy Vienna will charge a reasonable price for their services and discuss it earlier.

5. How can I communicate with you each time? 

A tax consultant must be responsible for your business’s tax activities, and you both need to contact each other for various aspects. Miscommunication will result in poor output and don’t give a chance for it. Most professional firms use email, and many use teleconferencing and other online services. Some professionals will have a client portal for effective communication. With some other professionals, you can arrange a meeting directly with the consultant. Using those services is critical if you have a firm not located in town. Your preferences and those of your tax consultant will reflect how you do business.

6. What about your experiences in your profession? 

The most dangerous thing you do for yourself is hiring a non-experienced tax consultant. Tax consultation includes filing tax, tax returns, etc. Experience is the mandatory factor when looking for the right and best tax consultant. If you have more than one entity and need a tax consultant to manage the taxes for your entire entity, you need an experienced person. The tax consultant with a minimum of 5-7 years of experience might know how to manage all kinds of financial issues and how to solve the problems easily. Each tax consultancy Vienna has sufficient tax knowledge, and they can advise you.

7. What services do you provide? 

As mentioned above, various activities are involved with taxation, and you need to ask your preferred tax consultant about the lists of services they could provide. Most tax consultancy firms offer various services, ranging from monthly bookkeeping assistance to payroll processing or payroll taxes, taxes, and audit representation. If the firms employ several professionals, each will most likely specialize in a particular field. Don’t prefer the tax consultant who provides the minimum service as you cannot get any future benefits.

8. How will the new law in tax affect My Tax Plan?

Your tax consultant should be aware of any new or changing tax laws. If you hear about the new tax law, don’t be afraid to ask your tax advisor about how it will affect your current and future taxes. You can also inquire if they are aware of any upcoming changes that you have not been informed about. They should consider how changes in tax law may affect all aspects of your tax plan, such as your investments, debt, retirement planning, estate planning, asset classes and location, charitable deductions, and so on. You can then collaborate to revise your tax strategy as needed.

9. What is your tax philosophy? 

Along with good communication via your preferred methods, you will want to ensure that you both agree on your tax philosophy. For example, is the tax consultancy more aggressive or cautious regarding deductions such as office space and travel commitments? Maybe you want as many deductions as possible. While a more aggressive accountant will try to get you as many as possible, a more precautious tax consultant will take a more practical approach to avoid audits.

10. Can you file your tax returns electronically? 

The last vital question is whether to file the tax return electronically or not. Electronic tax filing is secure and reduces the likelihood of a mathematical error. Technology is developing high every day by eliminating the burden for humans. Using the technology in tax consultation is a good idea to save more time and finish the work without hassle. Because the tax consultant will be filing tax returns for many clients, it is recommended that you choose a tax consultant who will file taxes electronically.

Final verdict: 

It is not easy to find the right and best tax consultant for you until you ask all the vital questions listed above. When you get clear and honest for all these questions from any tax consultants, choose them as they will be right for your business.

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