OpenAI will Pay up to $20,000 for Discovering ChatGPT Bugs

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OpenAI, an artificial intelligence (AI) study lab in San Francisco that made the groundbreaking ChatGPT, is giving people the chance to make USD 20,000.

On Tuesday, the company that Sam Altman helped start launched the “Bug Bounty Program.” This is a way for people who find and report bugs in the company’s systems to get up to USD 20,000.

On the company’s main blog, OpenAI wrote about the plan. It said there, “We put a lot of money into study and engineering to make sure our AI systems are safe and secure. But we know that vulnerabilities and flaws can happen with any complicated technology.”

“As openness and cooperation are key to dealing with this reality, we are asking the rest of the world to help us find and fix holes in our systems,” it said.

OpenAI said that it is working with Bugcrowd, a top bug bounty tool, to handle the rewarding process.

The Reward

It will be given in cash, and the amount will depend on how big and important the problem was. The reward will be USD 200 (about 16,000) for ‘low-severity’ discoveries and USD 20,000 for ‘exceptional finds.’

OpenAI has sent an offer to the “global community of security researchers, ethical hackers, and tech fans.” But there is no real limit on who can join.


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