Opening a New Account Online? Know Some Best Bank Accounts in 2022

Online bank account opening these days is a quick and seamless procedure. However, while deciding on a bank to open a new savings account, it is important to check the interest rate offered by the bank. The interest rate offered by a bank on a savings account can help customers know the amount they can earn on their saved money. Interests are offered on savings accounts by every bank and financial institution.

 How important is the interest rate for a savings account?

One of the primary features of a savings bank account is the interest rate offered by the bank. The higher the interest rate, the more a customer can earn through the savings in a savings bank account. The interest rate offered by a bank on a new savings account keeps changing, depending on the repo rate fixed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other macroeconomic factors.

 What is the step-by-step procedure to open a new bank account?

Here is the stepwise procedure to open a new bank account with a bank that provides you with a high-interest rate:

  •  Know the interest rate: As the first step, it is vital to know the interest rate offered by the banks you have shortlisted so that you can compare the total earnings from interest from each bank.
  • Consult a savings account interest calculator: You can consult a Savings Account Interest Calculator to get an idea of your total savings through interest from various banks.
  • Compare and choose a bank: Once you have compared the total savings possible with various banks, you can decide on one bank and open your savings account with that bank.

 Importance of a savings bank account

One of the major reasons to opt for a savings bank account is that it helps you grow your savings over time. Besides this, savings accounts have a lot of unique features that make them an attractive proposition for customers:

  •  You can instantly open an online savings account.
  • An account number is generated instantly after opening a savings account.
  • Once your savings account is opened, you have instantaneous access to it.
  • While opening an IDFC FIRST Bank savings account, the entire KYC (Know Your Customer) process happens via video conferencing. You need not furnish any physical document.
  • A savings account provides liquidity to a customer. Money kept in a savings bank account can be accessed easily.

 Which are the best bank interest rates in India?

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a host of new features to its savings account holders at a competitive interest rate of up to 6% per annum. With monthly interest creditsIDFC, FIRST Bank savings account can help you get more than any other savings account, giving you more benefits from the power of compounding and earning interest on interest.

You can consult IDFC FIRST Bank’s Savings Account Interest Calculator if you already have a savings account. It will help you compare the interest you earn with your current bank with the interest you earn with an IDFC FIRST Bank savings account.


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