4 Natural Appetite Suppressants that Aid in Weight Loss

It has been clinically proven that high-calorie intake or overeating is connected to obesity. Obesity, or more than average fatness, is a chronic health condition fraught with risks. Many people with this condition turn to highly-rated appetite suppressant pills to combat weight gain and reduce overeating, snacking, and hunger cravings.

What are Appetite Suppressants?

Several natural appetite suppressants can aid your weight loss journey. They can help you avoid overeating while promoting satiety as you exercise your way out of the danger zone of obesity.

This article highlights some of these natural appetite suppressants and shows how they aid in weight loss. But first, what is an appetite suppressant?

Appetite suppressants are whole foods, diet pills, or drinks that help prevent overeating. Some appetite suppressants are natural, implying they are obtained from foods and plants, while many are synthetically manufactured in FDA-approved healthcare facilities.

Top 4 Natural Appetite Suppressants that aid in Weight Loss

Many appetite suppressants are on the market these days, and each one works differently. Some appetite suppressants only reduce one’s appetite, while another blocks the absorption of specific nutrients that promote weight gain. Others help increase the number of calories you burn per time.

However, these are the top 4 natural appetite suppressants you need as they help you lose weight without endangering your overall health:

1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an annual herb from the legume family. Its seeds are the most commonly used part of this plant and are usually dried and ground into powder.

Fenugreek seeds contain 45 percent insoluble fiber, even though they also contain galactomannan and other soluble fiber. This herb has showcased remarkable health benefits such as:

  • Appetite control
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Blood sugar regulation

Fenugreek works by delaying fat and carb absorption and slowing down stomach emptying. The outcomes are betting blood sugar control and decreased appetite.

According to a recent clinical study, consuming up to 8 grams of fiber from fenugreek can significantly reduce appetite. As a result, you will feel fuller and always eat less at the next meal. The less you eat, the less calorie you consume, which profoundly affects your body as you start losing weight in a healthy, non-life-threatening way.

Consuming fenugreek is safe with zero side effects.

2. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages today and has been consumed by Asians for thousands of years. It is the primary focus of thousands of clinical – and non-clinical – studies related to health issues such as preventing cognitive disorders like dementia, metabolic dysfunction management, etc.

Green tea extract contains certain substances and antioxidants with highly beneficial impacts on weight management and metabolic diseases. 

For instance, green tea helps lower the notorious hunger hormone known as ghrelin. Regular consumption of green tea also improves cholesterol levels and elevates adiponectin levels in the human body. Low levels of adiponectin have been associated with health issues such as:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Increased inflammation
  • Metabolic syndrome

A powerful bioactive constituent and the most abundant green tea catechins, EGCG, has cancer-combating characteristics. In addition, it promotes thermogenic activities, helps burn body fat for energy, and minimizes the proliferation of fat cells in the human body.

You can take 800-900 milligrams of green tea daily. However, inform your physician before consuming green tea as it triggers side effects such as headaches, constipation, etc.

3. Glucomannan

If you want to control your appetite and lose weight accordingly, increase your fiber intake. Thanks to Glucomannan that is easier done than said.

Glucomannan is one of the most popular water-soluble fibers and is highly effective for weight loss. In addition, it helps decrease food intake and reduces appetite. It can also absorb water, which transforms the fiber into a viscous gel that bypasses digestion and enters the colon practically unchanged.

Glucomannan’s bulking property delays stomach emptying and promotes feelings of fullness. In addition, since calorie intake is significantly reduced, the result is considerable weight loss.

Glucomannan is safe and mostly well tolerated. But ensure you take it with at least 2 glasses of water or other liquid since the fiber can expand before reaching the stomach and may initiate a choking hazard.

4. Coffee

Coffee is a widely consumed beverage, and its high concentration of caffeine is highly beneficial in many ways. 

Studies show that drinking coffee consistently increases fat breakdown and calorie burn, two crucial activities that aid weight loss. In addition, coffee also helps decrease appetite, which also aids fat loss.

Drinking coffee is highly likely to prevent you from eating more when the next meal comes around and even throughout the day. The caffeine in coffee has also been proven to boost the metabolism by 11 percent while enhancing fat burning by up to 29 percent in lean individuals.

These are some of the most effective natural appetite suppressants that aid weight loss. Promoting safe weight loss is possible with a healthy diet and many exercises.

However, these natural appetite suppressants will assist you in your weight loss journey. But ensure you consume them in moderation and with the approval of a healthcare professional.


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