Mozilla Launches New Trustworthy AI Startup

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Mozilla, the developer of the Firefox web browser, has launched a new firm named, which the corporation believes will “create a trustworthy and autonomous open-source AI ecosystem.”

The corporation stated that it will initially invest $30 million to establish this new company.

“The mission of is to simplify the creation of trustworthy AI solutions. We will build things and hire/collaborate with individuals that share our vision: an AI whose basic values are autonomy, accountability, transparency, and openness. will be a place for like-minded founders, developers, scientists, product managers, and builders to congregate outside of large tech and academia “Mark Surman, executive president of Mozilla and director of, stated in a blog post.

In addition, the business asserted that this collection of individuals, working together, can turn the tide and build an autonomous, decentralized, and trustworthy AI ecosystem — a genuine counterbalance to the status quo.

The initial emphasis of the new startup will be on tools that make generative AI safer and more transparent, as well as on people-centric recommendation systems that do not misinform or jeopardize the company’s health.

The company stated that it will announce other projects, partners, and events in which anyone can engage later this year.

To strengthen its metaverse approach, Mozilla acquired the American virtual spaces and events startup Active Replica in December of 2012.

Mozilla acquired the startup as it develops its virtual reality (VR) collaboration platform, Hubs.


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