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Motorcycle Crashes: Why Do They Occur?

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than car drivers and are more likely to be killed or injured than car occupants. As drivers age, the likelihood of being injured or dying in a crash also increases. What most often causes motorcycle crashes? Keep reading to find out the major causes.

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

In 2019, in almost half of the fatal crashes involving motorcycles and a car, the car was turning left at the time of the crash. Cars turning left often hit other cars or motorcycles in the intersection. Often, the car driver is distracted or has limited visibility. It is also difficult for drivers in cars to see and judge the speed of motorcycles.

Speeding is another cause of left-hand turn accidents. In an intersection, a car that hits a motorcycle while turning left will most likely be liable for the accident. However, some motorcyclists might share fault if they were speeding, running a red light, or riding in the wrong lane. Often when you hire a lawyer, they can help determine who is at fault. 

Road Hazards and Poor Weather

Drivers of cars might not notice uneven road surfaces or gravel on roads. But, motorcycle drivers must be very careful to notice these kinds of conditions. Motorcycles are smaller and less stable than cars. Objects in the road or irregularities in the surface can easily cause a motorcycle accident. Rain, snow, and sleet all contribute to poor road conditions. Weather plays a significant role in motorcycle accidents. Riders should think twice before venturing out in inclement weather on a motorcycle. And, if they do, they should proceed with the utmost caution.

Road Hazards and Poor Weather

While many motorcyclists are safe, careful riders, others are not. Statistics show that young, male riders often break the law while riding. It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle while intoxicated, and it is estimated that 30% of motorcyclists in fatal crashes were driving while drunk. Many more motorcyclists speed while driving. Statistics show that, in 2019, 33% of motorcycle riders that died were speeding. 

Additionally, some riders do not wear helmets. Reports suggest that 37% of motorcyclists who died while not wearing a helmet could have been saved if they had been wearing a helmet. Some states require motorcyclists to wear a helmet, and others have age requirements for wearing helmets.

Different Collisions

Head-on collisions with automobiles are one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents for riders due to the lack of safety features on motorcycles. Also, cars usually weigh at least four times as much as an automobile, which is an incredible amount of force coming at a motorcyclist. A motorcyclist is not shielded by metal around them or cushioned by airbags. Motorcycles are lighter and smaller than cars. It is an unequal match. Motorcyclists can also be severely injured or killed when they go off the road, sometimes due to slippery surfaces, and hit a tree, fence, or structure. 

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist snakes between a line of stopped or slow-moving cars. There is very little room for motorcyclists to maneuver when they are weaving between cars, and the cars aren’t expecting a vehicle to pass them. Motorcyclists are almost always at fault in an accident involving lane splitting. 

Driving a motorcycle can be a fun and relaxing pastime. Unfortunately, many drivers are injured and even killed in motorcycle accidents. Understanding what causes crashes can help riders be prepared and ride responsibly so that they don’t find themselves in a similar situation. 

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