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The Ultimate Guide to Having a Stylish Modern Bathroom

Bathrooms continue to be one of the most desirable home upgrades. A quality bathroom can boost home value, make it more likely to sell, and make the people who live in the home more comfortable. The most appealing room depends on what fills the room. These choices are as important as deciding the layout, flooring, and wallcoverings.

Enlarge the Vanity

Pedestal and slim vanities were once popular choices because they took up less floor space for a more minimalistic look. Many homeowners were disappointed when they discovered how much they gave up by choosing smaller pieces. A large modern vanity can look beautiful, add storage space, and provide more counter space.

Buy Quality Linens

High-quality towels, washcloths, shower curtains, and window treatments can add style and an upscale look to any bathroom. Better quality towels will absorb more water, last longer, and feel better against the skin. Many options in materials, weaves, and sizes exist. Research the differences to make the right choice.

Impress with Storage

Decorative storage baskets and bins can add design appeal as they keep things tidy. The options available make it easy to keep any form of clutter controlled. Drawer trays and shower caddies are other considerations. Bins and baskets make it easier to organize and find items. Keeping clutter contained also reduces the time and effort expended when cleaning.

Accessorize with Style

Most bathroom accessories, like toothbrush holders and garbage cans, are small, but they add a lot of design appeal to the room. Choose items carefully, and ignore the belief that matching sets are the priority. Selecting well-made and attractive pieces will have a better impact.

Remember the Essentials

Some stylish items are also necessities for bathroom convenience and safety. The options can include hooks for the wall or over the door to hang fluffy bathrobes or wet towels. A non-skid bathmat in front of the shower or tub will reduce slipping and keep bare feet warmer. Window coverings for complete privacy can also boost the comfort of anyone using the room.  

Include Cleaning Supplies

Many people keep most of their cleaning products in a laundry area or elsewhere. Storing some in the bathroom can make it easier to grab the items for a quick clean-up. This simple step ensures the room stays sparkling clean. All-purpose sprays or wipes, a roll of paper towels or some cleaning cloths, and some glass cleaner can provide enough cleaning power for sprucing up the room. In addition to the cleaning products, keep nearby a pair of rubber gloves, a toilet brush, and a plunger. Every bathroom should also include an air freshener.

Plan the Lighting

Lighting options should never be chosen last or without thought. Lighting not only provides safety in the room but the ambiance. Good lighting allows people to have low lights for a romantic bath or overnight safety and bright lighting to help avoid slips and falls. Using accent lights to highlight architecture, artwork, or other features can also boost the design. 

Every design element imaginable for bathrooms has numerous options. The variety makes it possible for homeowners to create a modern and stylish look that fits their tastes. Convenience, comfort, and safety should remain primary considerations as they will make any room more appealing.



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