Mercedes-AMG G63: Classic Meets Innovative Conceptions

A car that has retained its brutal and aggressive appearance over the years has now become more versatile. Now you can drive it to conquer difficult roads and terrain, as well as ride in the city with all the comfort.

The engineers have done an incredible job of combining slashing yet exquisite design with power under the hood and comfort in the passenger compartment. To appreciate the excellent work of the designers and engineers, take the G63 rental Dubai to go on a safari or comfortably explore the architecture and splendor of an innovative emirate.

Preserving traditions

Throughout its history of production, Gelaendewagen became the choice, first of all, of men who wanted to emphasize their status. Previously, a simple person who thinks about the comfortable movement of his family would never have laid eyes on this car, which is harsh in all respects.

However, now, if the external design does not change its traditions and remains the same brutal, then in technical terms this car has made a huge leap forward.

The fans of this model are glad that the manufacturers did not completely modify the car, keeping the exclusive features of the car. This applies to keyless door opening and closing, which can still be unlocked with a key inserted into the central locking system. What’s more, fans pay tribute to the engineers who retained the door-closing sound that only Gelaendewagen has.

Inside the car, there are still three large buttons on the center console, which block the differentials – center, front and rear axles. The buttons remained as they were and haven’t changed to virtual icons. For the front passenger on the dashboard, there is still a large handle, which can be held with both hands when driving off-road. Also, a fire extinguisher remained under the driver’s seat, which is safely hidden and does not stick out, spoiling the overall impression of the interior.

Mercedes-AMG G63 / 1


The technical equipment in the design of the new model is no worse than that of the passenger cars of this series. The new model boasts an impressive multimedia panel that includes two wide displays. It can be noted that the color quality and image brightness have improved markedly.

For convenience, drivers and passengers can use the footrest to climb onto this impressive vehicle. Once in the passenger compartment, you can enjoy the luxurious design. Inside there are sports seats, which are made of leather in several colors, aluminum handles, and audio system panels. The interior lighting, which can be changed based on your preferences, can now please any driver. The interior can shine with all the colors of the rainbow, which will delight not only the driver but also passengers.

The interior of the car has become more spacious. If earlier the car, which had a terrifying appearance and size, was cramped inside, now the same scope can be felt inside. Moreover, ergonomic disadvantages have been eliminated in the new model. The manufacturers retained all the advantages and left a high seating position and excellent visibility.

The new models feature independent suspension, a new frame, and electromechanical power steering. Moreover, the shock absorbers have become more adaptive, which does not interfere with the driver and passengers, regardless of the speed and quality of the road surface.

Mercedes-AMG G63 / 2

The four-liter twin-turbo G63 produces 585 horsepower. The driver should take into account the peculiarities of the braking distance since the car weighs two and a half tons. Oversized discs are installed at the front. Even on snowy roads, if the car does not have studded tires, it is still comfortable and stable. This is a great solution for passengers who may experience motion sickness. In this car, you will feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

Outside, the sound of an engine can make all passers-by shudder. However, everyone will agree that such a car should leave an unrivaled first impression. But, while in the cabin, you will not hear such a powerful sound, since the engineers worked on installing good noise reduction, which is inherent in all Mercedes models. The powerful installed audio system allows the driver and passengers to enjoy music from the speakers.


The Mercedes-AMG G63 is an improved version of the previous models. Here you can enjoy the retro features that the engineers have kept for fans of this car. In addition, the interior has undergone many changes to improve the driving experience. The salon is distinguished by its spaciousness, the presence of a multimedia panel, exceptional design, as well as high-quality noise reduction, and a powerful audio system.

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