Lebanon Government Resigns after Deadly Bomb Blast

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Lebanon’s government has resigned amid mounting pressure over a deadly Beirut bomb blast in Beirut. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the resignation of the entire government in a speech to the nation on Monday evening local time.

Hassan Diab formed Lebanon’s cabinet in last January with the support of the powerful Iranian-backed Hezbollah group and allies.

The bomber struck shortly afternoon in Beirut, prompting two more ministers to resign. The country’s law minister Marie-Claude Najm and finance minister Ghazi Wazni resigned today blaming the government for its failure to carry out the blast on Tuesday. Earlier on Sunday, Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad and Environment Minister Damianos Kattar resigned.

Thousands of angry crowds took to the streets last Saturday after the blast. They demanded a change in the political system. The protests continued till Sunday. The protesters demanded the resignation of the government. To this end, they also entered the offices of four ministries and the Banking Association.

Meanwhile, the death toll from Beirut blast has risen to 220 and another 110 people are still missing. In addition, more than six thousand people were injured. Local media Al-Marsad quoted Beirut Governor Marwan Abu as saying that the death toll had risen.

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