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Writing a Job Application: The Impact of a Photo

If you are looking for a job, you also know about the struggle of writing an application. It is not as straightforward as many of us think, because many things need to be considered and evaluated before even starting the writing process – and what about the design of the application? Everything matters. 

We will give you some tips on how to create the best application possible in this article. If you are looking for inspiration – stay tuned! 

Think of your professional strengths 

First of all, you must consider your professional strengths. You may have a bachelor’s in social science, but that is very vague to many employers. They might not even know what it means! It is therefore crucial that you are very detailed when it comes to describing your skill set and when you talk about what you have learned during your bachelor’s programme. 

It is not enough to consider your professional skills. Many employers care just as much about your personal skill set. Are you good at problem-solving? Are you open-minded? Obviously, the employer is interested in hiring someone who is qualified for the job opening – however, it is just as important to find a person who will get along with the rest of the office. 

The design of the application

Many decide to just write about their professional skills and their personal skills in a word-document – and that may work! However, have you thought about doing it differently though? 

Nowadays, you can find several online platforms where you are able to make small designs. Like that, you will be able to place different sections of text in different ways. You can use shapes and colors which contribute to showing off your creative side as well. There is no doubt that a potential employer will appreciate the effort you put into an application like that – and everybody will be more likely to hire the guy or girl who decided to put in some extra time.

The significance of a photo 

The most important thing that you can add to your application is without a doubt a presentable photo of yourself. Whether you decide to use a word document for your application or to be creative with an online designing program; the photo is absolutely essential. 

When you add a photo to your application, the potential employer will be able to see your face. Even though adding a photo of oneself may seem like crossing a boundary to some people, it is absolutely necessary. Employers like to be able to see who they are inviting for an interview. Therefore, many applicants experience rejections if they do not include a photo of themselves in the application. 

When adding your photo, you can crop circle image or keep the image as a square. Make it fit to your perfectly designed application! It is important to think about who the receivers of the application are. Is it a large corporation or a startup business? Adjust your photo and the design of your application to the target group. 



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